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FindtheBest, as the name indicates, lets you compare multiple things and then decide the one you should go for. What differentiates it from other comparison engines is that it isn’t niche-specific. That means you can compare anything and everything on this site.

The site is organized into nine major categories like business and economy, health, education etc, and each of those categories contain apps to help you make a comparison.

compare anything

decision engine

The engine is mostly human powered including researchers and experts in different fields. Information is also sourced from government databases. The comparison charts can be filtered based on parameters like price, company etc depending upon what are you comparing. It also allows you to suggest comparison apps if you don’t find the comparison table you are looking for.

Watch demo video:



  • Comparison engine powered by humans
  • Not limited to any particular niche or category
  • Different categories available to choose from
  • Over 500 comparison apps available
  • Comparisons mainly U.S. related

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