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FindMebyIP is a simple web app that tells you what your IP address is and what your browser can and can’t do. The tool also gives your geo-specific details based on your IP.

show ip address

FindmeByIP supports Modernizer, a javascript library that detects if your browser is compatible the latest CSS and HTML 5 features.

This website is useful for developers who want to see how their web app will work with different browsers, or for I.T. support specialists who just need to get the IP of their remote clients quickly. It is also useful if you are setting up a lan/online game and need to find each other’s IP quickly.



Check out FindMeByIP @

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  1. MrClose
    November 28, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    How can they possibly identify my OS as XP when I am using Vista 64bit and That is what this pc was built upon?

    XP has never even been close to this machine!