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Finding Flights Becomes Much Easier With Google Flight Search Results On [News] 2011 12 04 20h12 30Google is getting deeper and deeper into the flight-search business, and is now offering immediate flight search results on The service currently supports only US domestic flights, and only selected routes within those, but more routes should be added in time, hopefully worldwide ones as well.

The flight search service is not a new one, it had been introduced back in September, and offers route and price comparisons for many US domestic flights, complete with booking links from the airlines themselves. This is not to be confused with the flight schedule service, which has been around since May, and offers information about non-stop routes around the world in 11 languages.

Finding Flights Becomes Much Easier With Google Flight Search Results On [News] google flights

Until today, when performing a search such as “flights from Chicago to Las Vegas”, you were shown flight schedules in the regular search results, and had the option to choose “Flights” on the left-side toolbar to access the flight search service. It has now becomes even easier. In the next few days, you will notice that when you perform a search for one of the available routes, the results page will already include a table with the available flights, prices, etc.

If you can’t see this yet, don’t worry – Google, as usual, are announcing things as they roll, and you should see the feature in your search results within the next few days. Hopefully, this will be expanded to include worldwide flights soon, which will make it useful for a lot more people.

Source: Inside Search Google Blog

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