Find Who Mobile Number Belongs To with Cell Revealer & Phone Lookup

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In a phonebook, you would search for a name and then look up the corresponding number. Suppose a computer catalogued the entire phonebook, it would also be possible to search for names via numbers. Such services already exist online but cellphone numbers have usually been hidden from their databases. However thanks to two free web services, you can easily  find who mobile number belongs to.

The first service is Cell Revealer. It works in a straightforward fashion. You enter the phone number you have and results pop up (if found). Call Revealer performs an actual reverse lookup in the caller ID database to retrieve the information for you while the other sites just provide you with limited information found in phonebooks and other public sources. A limited number of lookups are allowed for free.

find who mobile number belongs to

If Cell Revealer fails to find your number, you can give Phone Lookup a try.

find who cell phone number belongs to

Both sites work in the same way and work only for numbers in the US. While the success rate of these sites is not 100%, it is still quite impressive. The services are worth a try next time you are being bothered by an anonymous number.


Check out Cell Revealer @ and Phone Lookup @

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Neither of these services were able to retrieve anything on the number I used to test them and furthermore both gave inaccurate location and phone type information. I would say both of these services are as useless for cell phones as all the rest.



I tested both and neither worked. I’m sure they just want you to buy their free service.



whoa – it worked on two of the four numbers I tried.


Rga Dawg

These are all costly services, Cell Phone Tracker (North America) even get WOT warnings. I’d check those links with WOT before you post them. Probably not a sound editorial idea to endorse a site with WOT warnings.



A bit alarming. I don’t think there is “THE caller id name database”, caller id name & number is transmitted along with the call. Wouldn’t any database have to be created by some disreputable company routing the call along it’s way, and then here violating the public trust for profit…



WOT is a nice addon but I wouldn’t rely on it all the time. I have heard that it’s not unusual for someone to give bad rating to the competition hoping to harm the site.

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