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travel inspirationSummer is a high traveling season for many of our readers, so we try to share more travel tools and tips here. This post is about travel inspiration – how to discover more fun places when traveling.

We have already shared quite a few tools to broaden your travel outlook: here are some travel quizzes improve your travel IQ 7 Travel Quizzes To Take & Improve Your Travel IQ 7 Travel Quizzes To Take & Improve Your Travel IQ Surprisingly, travel quizzes aren’t that many on the web or it could be that Google Search failed me when I went ‘travelling’ for travel quizzes. Though the ones I found made me realize that there’s... Read More , here’s a fun smartphone app to discover and share journeys CheckMyTour – Discover, Track And Share Journeys With Your Smartphone CheckMyTour – Discover, Track And Share Journeys With Your Smartphone From the comfort of your pocket-sized smartphone it is now possible to record detailed information about your travels and location. The recently launched CheckMyTour offer a completely wireless and comprehensive tracking service that doesn't cost... Read More and don’t forget to check these sites for virtual sightseeing with travel videos 10 Websites For Virtual Sightseeing With Travel Videos 10 Websites For Virtual Sightseeing With Travel Videos Read More . This post is about finding travel inspiration by planning your journey with Twitter!

Track Traveling Hashtags

Traveling is more about fun than anything else and if you need more ideas on how to enjoy your time here’s the list of popular Twitter hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags Read More to fill up your week:

Monday: #MexMonday

If you are going to Mexico or are just looking for a Mexican restaurant, this hashtag will get you inspired any time you check the latest search results.

travel inspiration

One more less popular, yet very interesting one I have found via this travel blog: #MountainMonday

This hashtag is a great way to really want to go on vacation: watch people share beautiful photos of the mountains they are climbing right now!

Tuesday: both #TravelTuesday and #TT

A very popular hashtag about all things-travel: find memes to follow here, travel-related news and scandals, trending destinations, etc:

travel twitter sites

Wednesday: #WineWednesday

Another one for food travelers: share your wine on Wednesday and get inspired by seeing what winery others recommend.

travel twitter sites

Thursday: #BeachThursday

A great one for the summer vacation. If you are still unsure which beach to spend your summer vacation at, monitor this hashtag for plenty of photos and ideas:

travel twitter sites

Friday: ##FriFotos

The theme is announced on Tuesday, then on Friday the participants are tweeting photos of the declared destination.

travel inspiration websites

Follow & Track the Right Twitter Accounts

Depending on your destination and aims, there may be various accounts you can try and follow such as official city Twitter accounts, local bloggers, tour operators and hotel managers. There is no way that all possible travel-related Twitter accounts can be listed in one article. Below are just a few useful and creative examples – you’ll need to find more using one or all of the following tips:

  • (Most obvious) Use Google: a simple search [City Name + Twitter] should normally get you the official Twitter account in the top 3 results;
  • Use Twitter bio search: in my previous post, I listed three tools for Twitter people search 3 Tools for Twitter People Search 3 Tools for Twitter People Search This post on Twitter doesn't tackle the "real-time" Twitter search - instead, it's about search for people on Twitter by words they use in the "Bio" section. The tools below can have various possible applications.... Read More : now just try to search it for [official CITY NAME] or [HOTEL NAME] and you are likely to find the official accounts or a few representatives:

travel inspiration websites


Travel – State Dept is an official Twitter account for U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. If you a US citizen traveling abroad, be sure to follow this account and check it for some essential news and updates like worldwide hurricanes, embassy news, passport procedures, etc:

travel inspiration websites

Twitter Accounts For US Traveling

Most of the US cities are on Twitter, so if you are planning a trip to the United States, it’s a good idea to find the city officials on Twitter. We can’t obviously list all tweeting cities here, but here’s a large list of California cities on Twitter, for example.

Below are some more cities :

TravelPortland is an official Portland account that tweets all local events and also answers related questions (asked with #inpdx in the tweet)

Twisney is an interesting example of a creative Twitter bot – it automatically tweets and retweets all updates that are geotagged from Walt Disney World Resort.

NewYorkology tweets many times a day sharing interesting events in New York which are taking place right now.

travel inspiration websites

UK Traveling

GoodPubGuide tweets a pub of the day: follow the account to discover new places to spend a fun evening at!

Londonist publishes frequent updates with fun ideas about what you can do right now in London, from community festivals to great sales – you won’t find these events anywhere else!

travel inspiration

More examples? Here’s a great list of the most popular hotels on Twitter and here’s a huge collection of the most active tweeting airlines. Next time you travel, use a Twitter-friendly service as they seem to care more.

Any other fun tips on how Twitter can help you traveling? Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Saikat Basu
    June 29, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    How about #LP for Lonely Planet. You could discover some cool out of the way places. There also might be a way to follow travel deals with Twitter.