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I am a big fan of Friendfeed and I have all my RSS feeds running through the site. But I am noticing that some people are starting to use the site a little differently these days. Some sites such as SocialWhoIs are using Friendfeed as one big database of skills and knowledge, waiting to be searched properly and utilised. This is great news if you’re one of the many regular Friendfeed members sitting there waiting to be noticed only to get steamrollered by another one of Robert Scoble’s posts.  ;-)

SocialWhoIs allows you to set up a profile along with tags of what your specialised subjects are. So if your specialities are say SEO, Google, social media and so on, then you would put all that into your profile as tags.

But let’s jump back a step and get your profile started. When you are setting up your profile, you have the opportunity to enter your Friendfeed Remote Key. This will then import your Friendfeed profile information which saves you the trouble of re-entering it all again. I recommend doing this if you can.

As I said, you can choose to import all the profile information via Friendfeed or you can input it manually. Or of course you can enter as much or as little as you like. It’s entirely up to you.  But obviously the more you enter, the more chance that someone will find your profile. So it pays to reveals more.

The keywords are the most important part as this is what people will search on.


Enter all the keywords that you think you can talk about. Then save it.

When you search for your profile, it will now look like this :

So now if someone wanted to talk to someone else or even hire someone else for a Web 2.0 related assignment, they just have to go to the SocialWhoIs website and type in “Web 2.0”. Everyone who tagged their profiles with the “Web 2.0” tag (including me) will then come up and that person will then have a bunch of people to choose from to contact. If the searcher has a really obscure tag search, then again, if someone on the site has taken the time to tag their profile properly then they will pop up.

I guess the initial point of SocialWhoIs was for people to find other people with similar interests to follow on Friendfeed, and you can still do that obviously. But I think this site is rapidly going to turn into a database for headhunters and employment centre workers to find suitably qualified employees, especially in this bad economic climate.

If you are currently unemployed or are looking for a new job, I highly recommend you make a profile on SocialWhoIs and put LOTS of descriptive tags on there. You never know who might find you on Friendfeed and come calling!

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