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friendly websitesIt’s that time of year again! Joy and happiness everywhere. But perhaps with everything going on, you’re just not feeling yourself. Does that sound like you? Well, no matter the time of year, we all can be susceptible to having that saddening and depressed feeling at times and it’s never something that can just be quickly fixed.

There are, however, some things that without a doubt help to put us in a better mood. One of those things are just simple acts of kindness that make us remember those we care about the most. Sometimes this is enough to inspire us to conquer that sad feeling weighing us down. However, depending on our surroundings it might often times be difficult to always have that instant act of kindness to lift us back up. When that’s the case, these 10 websites are here for you.

One year ago (almost to date), we shared some other websites Feeling Sad Or Down? Here Are 10 Websites That Will Help You Feel Better Feeling Sad Or Down? Here Are 10 Websites That Will Help You Feel Better The holidays are upon us, but so is winter (for many of us, at least). Having to stay indoors all day long can be depressing, and there can be other things that bring us down,... Read More that might lift you up too! They range from hilarious comics to inspirational talks to calming music.

The Nicest Place On The Internet

Quite the claim to make right? Well, this IS the nicest place on the Internet. So what is it? Well, here’s a 35 second glimpse.

That is the very short glimpse of what the friendly website is like. It’s such a simple concept – people hugging the camera, yet you can’t help but smile. The website features the same song in the above video, “I Have Never Loved Someone” by My Brightest Diamond. The music is so relaxing and calming. If you’re feeling discouraged, please visit The Nicest Place On The Internet – you will be cheered up in no time.


friendly websites

friendliest websites

They even have the whole playlist on their YouTube channel.

friendliest websites

Emergency Compliment

Emergency Compliment is a simple website comprised of random, feel-good things that we love to hear… like these:

friendliest websites

most friendly websites

most friendly websites

If you like the compliment you can actually purchase it through Society6 by clicking the “Thanks! I feel better” button and there are three sizes and three types to choose from. Although, the cheaper way would be to take a screenshot and print it out. It’s much less quality, but it accomplishes the same purpose!

And if you feel like helping someone else feel better, you can submit your own compliments too!

I Like Your Jacket

Don’t you feel great whenever someone walks up to you and says, “Awesome shoes!” or “Nice tie!” or….“I like your jacket!” ILYJ is another compliment website and was created due to the hatred and bullying that occurs on the Internet. In their words,

“You don’t deserve to be treated like that, because quite honestly, you’re awesome!”

And you know what else is awesome? How the compliments really does make you feel better! However, one of the best ways to feel better is to do for others and compliment them. I Like Your Jacket allows you to do this too.

People Are Nice

This is actually the official blog of I Like Your Jacket. I love the quote at the top heading:

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”.

That pretty much sums up what the blog is based around. There are articles that lift you up and a huge compliment list. Also, this is is a great way to engage with the very nice people behind ILYJ!


To understand FreeHugsCampaign, you must first know about the original Free Hugs video:

After watching the video you might think “wow that’s really cool!” But when you hear the story behind the video you will be inspired and amazed at how this man turned such a negative experience into an uplifting one. He comforted himself through comforting others. Yes, he was rejected at first, but the rewards far outweighed the people who passed by.

I encourage you to read the full story on the front page of the website under “How it all started“.

1000 Awesome Things

most friendly websites

1000 Awesome Things is a blog about things that are… awesome! It was launched in 2008 and has been updated every day since. The blog is about looking at everyday things around us and things we do and finding the “awesome” in them. As you read through the posts, you can pick up some tips and find appreciation in the small things that we often take for granted.

If you want more awesome, you can follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed, and purchase any (or all) of the Books of Awesome. There’s even an App of Awesome!

Things To Be Happy About

Do you ever stop and think about how much you really have? It’s so easy to take for granted. Similar to 1000 Awesome Things, Things To Be Happy About is just a simple list of things that you might otherwise not always appreciate every day.

The website is created by Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer who built it from her small spiral notebook which she started in sixth grade (1966). She explains that the notebook soon grew to two, then even more, then got bigger, then computer files and 20 years later a book, 14,000 Things To Be Happy About.

There are many other inspirational links from the original website such as “Words of Wisdom”, “Things For Kids To Be Happy About”, “Instant Karma” and “Self-meditation“.


Quotes are awesome! And BrainyQuote is a huge database of quotes. Looking for a specific one or just wanting to scroll though a certain category? All of the quotes are organized by topic and author. There are also a “Quote of the Moment” and picture quotes.

Cute Overload

This is a MUST for any “downer day” that you might be having. I’ll give you 17 seconds tops before you start smiling and laughing at something on this website. It is filled with the cutest animals.

Now I know that if you’re a guy this isn’t very manly. Well tough luck, suck up your pride and look at the website. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Take this kitten for instance…

Along with the insanely cute photos, the commentary with photos is just as funny if not more. So don’t just scroll down through the page looking at photos, stop and read.


friendly websites

DailyGood is a website with only inspirational news – you know, the news we really should be hearing. So much is negative and sad. Granted, that has a place in educating us, but there needs to be more positive stories shared. Unfortunately that isn’t in our complete control, but visiting DailyGood is. So go ahead – get inspired!


Wow, I am in a good mood now after writing this! I’m serious – these friendly websites really do wonders!

That aside, I’d like to reiterate something that Erez shared in his article which I mentioned at the beginning. Sometimes no websites at all can also be the best “medicine” for picking yourself up. Perhaps you can use these websites as ideas to actually do things that bring about happiness in your life. And in my own personal opinion, the best way to have happiness is to do for others. Now imagine how amazing it would be if you were to integrate the basic things from these websites along with doing for others? So what’s stopping you?! Go have a great day, every day!

If you have something inspirational to share that helps cheer yourself up or even if you know of another website, please feel free to share it in the comments below!

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