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find interesting placesHave you ever felt like an outsider when visiting a place you haven’t been to all that much? Whether in a different neighborhood, on the other side of town, or in a completely different town altogether, it may take a while for you to gain your bearings and find the places that meet your interests.

But with all of the apps and information we have floating around today, feeling like a local in a strange place should be fairly easy, shouldn’t it? With the tips people leave on Foursquare 5 Great Applications That Will Enhance Your Foursquare Experience 5 Great Applications That Will Enhance Your Foursquare Experience Read More , the photos they post to Instagram, and the general comments they make on Facebook and Twitter, finding a place you would enjoy should be as easy as cake – and now it is.

What Is Roamz?

Roamz (directory app) is a location-based app that helps you find out what is happening around you. It uses information from your favorite networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram and delivers personalized content about the places, events, and activities that are relevant to you.

find interesting places

The more you use Roamz, the smarter it gets. Once it sees the types of places you like to go and the types of activities you like to do, results will become all the more accurate and personalized.

find interesting places visit


Also, while you’re out experiencing all of these “Roamz moments”, you can share them with your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare friends as well. And who knows, maybe they’ll be more inclined to join you while you’re out and about.

To view how the app’s makers have described their app, be sure to check out this short video:

Using Roamz

Once you install the Roamz app, you’ll be able to set it up to your liking. You can set the Roamz feed to display results near your current location, or select a custom location to view information about the places nearby.

Feeds are sorted based on distance from the place you choose, and contain photos and comments from other users who have been there.

find interesting places visit

You can also check out the Popular section, which displays shares by other users that are generating the most buzz. You can find interesting places without a Roamz account, but adding to the content will require a profile.

find interesting places

Roamz also lets you select your areas of interest to help improve results. There are ten categories in the Interests section, which you can opt to turn on or off, including College & Education, Shopping, Nightlife, Bars & Clubs, Restaurants & Food, etc.

When you want to share your thoughts about a place on Roamz, just hit the large Share button at the bottom-center of the app and you’ll be given the option of selecting the appropriate social channel for your content.


As many of you know, I’m really into geo-location applications for mobile devices. In my experience, I’ve found that mostly any app that acts to improve my experience when I visit a specific area is one that is worth checking out, and Roamz is one of those apps. More and more people are beginning to utilize geolocation apps in general, and we’re starting to see the next wave of companies coming along and using the data that’s being created for even more useful utilities.

What do you think of Roamz?  Do you know of any other alternatives, maybe also for the Android?

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