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Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is the battle between ‘the 99%” and the super rich “1%.” Personally, I try not to get involved in such things, but it is interesting to follow along with the latest happenings and see if anything interesting is developing. You can always check out the news and see what they are saying about the movement, but what if you are looking for a way to get a slightly less biased take?

That is where Occupationalist comes in. It is a news aggregation website that only follows what is happening in the Occupy Wall Street movement. It keeps tracks of reporting from various RSS feeds and Twitter, so you will never miss a beat. They also feature a Foursquare check in map, meetup board and a wall of handwritten notes from protesters and supporters.

It’s a great idea for supporters of the movement to come together and meet up, or simply find out what they need to know. If you are a member of the “99%” and are an avid supporter of the movement, or just someone looking to keep track of the latest news, you may want to check Occupationalist out.

Source: Mashable

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