Where to Find Kid-Friendly Podcasts You Can Listen to Together
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There are plenty of great podcasts in plenty of interesting categories: history, tech, comedy, gaming, etc. Unfortunately, many of these podcasts simply aren’t suitable for listening to when your kids are around.

One podcast app makes it easier to find podcasts that your children can listen to. And it’s not like these podcasts are boring — they’ll pique your interest as an adult too.

Leela Kids, available as an iOS and Android app, targets kids from ages three to 18. You can browse podcasts by age group and category. The current categories include bedtime stories, stories, music, animals, dinosaurs, space, TED, and even Harry Potter.

When you open up any given category, you can either view all episodes, or the podcasts listed under that category. Be sure to select the age range first and then the category when looking for podcasts.

While the app does a great job of letting you know all about the best podcasts out there suitable for little ears, it lacks some basic podcast features that would make it even better. There doesn’t appear to be a way subscribe to podcasts as you can in other apps (despite instructions to contrary) but the app will at least pick up where you left off when coming back to any given episode.

More crucial however, is that there is no way to download episodes for offline listening. So if you’re planning on keeping your little ones occupied during a roadtrip, you might want to look up the podcasts in Leela Kids, but unfortunately, for the time being, will have to opt for a different iOS or Android podcast app to play them on the go. This feature is in the works, but no word as to when it will hit the app store.

When looking for an interesting episode, be sure to check out the engaged listen count. This number indicates how many people actually listened to most of the podcast, so you’ll know it should be a good one.

How do you find kid-friendly podcasts to listen to with your family? Let us know in the comments.

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