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trailerHead Before I had my daughter, I could not get enough cinema time. I love watching movies. Now, I have a hell of a lot less time on my hands. I also TIVO all my television shows so I almost never watch commercials. So, I never know what’s new in the movies. Saikat proved helpful with his top 6 firefox add-ons for movie freaks Top 6 Firefox Add-ons For The Movie Freak Top 6 Firefox Add-ons For The Movie Freak Read More .

I can’t find a movie or a download it if I don’t know what movie should I watch next What Movie Should I Watch Next? What Movie Should I Watch Next? Read More . However, I did find a great website that not only has movie trailers available for downloading but they also have HD movie trailers. I can save a bunch of these to watch on a 15 minute break and pick what I want to watch next. Yes, I am picky!

The website is and they offer 480p, 720p and even 1080p resolution trailers. And that means the trailers are going to pull you in even further and make you want to see that movie.

Let’s check out and see what they offer.

First thing you will see when you hit the homepage is a listing of new movies and their movie posters. They also list the main stars and a link to the IMDB which is well-placed and simply awesome. You can click on the resolution buttons below where it says New Trailer and watch the trailer of your choice. You can see where the trailer is coming from by hovering your mouse over the link.


Next up, if you want to search for something that isn’t on the homepage, simply use their search feature which utilizes Google Search. Below, you can see that I searched for Star Trek.



After hitting search, I came across 4 options in a Google search page. I choose the first one and was on my way”¦


Bam! There it is, a brief synopsis, a few links and then at the bottom there is the gold. Lots and lots of links to different trailers in different resolutions. I felt like I saw the movie already after watching 6 different previews. Is it just me or does it seem like they show ALL the best parts?


As soon as you click on your desired link, the trailer should start playing in your browser’s window. We can also save these files (mostly .mov) by simply right-clicking on the appropriate link and choosing Save target as”¦.


Now, I will let you get into some serious time wasting. Oh and maybe you have some great recommendations for what I should watch next? That would be even more efficient! :)

For more suggestions on where to watch movie trailers, Tina has the low-down with the Best Sites To Watch Movie Trailers Online The Best Sites To Watch Movie Trailers Online The Best Sites To Watch Movie Trailers Online Read More . How about loading these videos onto your iPod — check this post out EncodeHD- Easily Convert Media Files for Any Devices (Windows) EncodeHD- Easily Convert Media Files for Any Devices (Windows) Read More .

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