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freelance workspaceIf you’re a freelancer who moves about a lot, you probably recognise the value of a good freelancer-friendly workplace. Maybe you have a list of coffee shops and libraries you regularly haunt which have decent Internet, a place to plug in a laptop and hopefully some good coffee to keep you going while you work. But what happens when you need a little more than a coffee shop? Where do you go? How do you find a decent workspace then?

Loose Cubes has evolved to help freelancers answer this sort of question. Loose Cubes basically connects the roaming freelancer to a cheap, convenient workplace in the area of their choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a free coworking space for a day, a place with meeting rooms that you can use for one week or just a freelancer-friendly coffee shop in an unfamiliar town. Loose Cubes collects all the best venues and makes sure you can find them when you need them.

Finding A Great Workspace Via Recommendations

After a quick signup with Loose Cubes, which can be done using Facebook Connect to make it even quicker, you’re ready to start browsing for coworking spaces.

freelance workspace

Part of the sign-up process involves you declaring what sort of profession you have and what sort of workspace you prefer to use. For instance, you can choose to find workplaces which are “green”, “bohemian”, “lively” or “professional”. It all boils down to what you think will suit your working style and it will help Loose Cubes to connect you to the right people and workplaces.

workspace for freelancers


If you have connected your account to Facebook, Loose Cubes will actively recommend workspaces to you according to people you know. When viewing host profiles you’ll also be able to see which of your Facebook friends knows the host, making it easier to decide whether you are keen to work with this host or not.

Searching For A Great Workspace

It’s also really easy to search for a workspace by location or postcode. Just plug your details in and go. Loose Cubes is already available in more than 400 cities in over 50 countries and since more people are signing up every day that will increase rapidly.

freelance workspace

Becoming a Host

In much the same way as Couchsurfing works, you can offer your workspace as a coworking space – no matter how simple you think your place is. Coffee shops with Wi-Fi can register alongside professional coworking spaces and regular Joes with a spare couch. Since the freelancers can weigh up the options for themselves, you’re likely to attract the right sort of people.

All hosts are encouraged to describe their premises well and to provide a photo of the workspace. It’s up to the host to decide whether to charge or not for use of the facilities.

Some hosts will be keen to earn rent, increase creativity in an office space, coffee-shop owners may just be happy to have regular clientele stopping by for a coffee, while a lonely freelancer may just be happy to have a little company on occasion. Whatever the reasoning, the host and the roaming freelancer can discuss these things before agreeing to work together.

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Are you a roaming freelancer looking for a workspace? Or would you be keen to share your office space? How has Loose Cubes helped you?

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