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Windows has features that allow you to search for files, but let’s be honest, they’re not very good.

If your computer is packed with files that you need to get to, and Windows search is leaving you wanting more, Lookeen Free is the solution for you. You can download it right now for free and find everything on your computer with ease. And, if you’re lucky, you can win one of 10 free Enterprise upgrades that we’re giving away.

Let’s take a closer look at just what it has to offer.

Setup and Installation

To get Lookeen Free, you’ll need to head over to its download page and grab the setup file. From there, it will run through a standard Windows installation process, and then you’ll be ready to start the next phase, which is indexing your files.


Indexing allows Lookeen Free to search through your files quickly. Depending on how large your drives are and how many files are on them, this can be a lengthy process. Fear not, though, because everything runs in the background, and while it does use some system resources, it will still let you run other applications and get on with your day.

Even while indexing, you can start using Lookeen to search. So if you’re in a hurry to find a particular file, you don’t need to wait until the entire indexing process is complete.

The Options screen allows you to control when and how frequently Lookeen indexes your drives. There are three options to choose from: real-time, scheduled, and manual.

Real-time indexing is performed in the background and the index is updated automatically whenever changes are detected in the file system. With the scheduled option, you may choose to run the indexing process at any time (say, at night when you’re most likely to be browsing the web). If you’re the kind of PC user who is constantly downloading and changing your files, you’ll want to index your drives more often. Otherwise, you can set it to do so less frequently, or even initiate indexing manually. Just don’t forget to do it, because indexing helps to speed up your searches and keeps them more relevant.

Lookeen Free Key Features


With Lookeen Free, you’re getting all kinds of tremendous features that will make finding anything on your computer incredibly easy. In fact, Lookeen recently made its free app better, because it used to only allow searching on C: drive, but now, you can search multiple drives, whether internal or external, so even if your files are spread all over the place, you’ll be able to find them.


When performing a search, you can narrow down the results using some simple filters. For example, you can limit your search to just a certain time period. If you’ve been using your computer for years and you know the file you’re looking for is new, then you can omit the older files and quickly find what you need.


Perhaps being able to find what you need isn’t enough of a reason to download Lookeen Free. What about ability to preview and edit the files you do manage to find? Say you are looking for TXT documents and you find the one you need, you’ll be able to tweak it right within Lookeen’s preview window. This allows you to skip the step of having to open it in another program if you just want to make a couple quick adjustments.


Lookeen’s initial indexing process may take a long time, but again, the tradeoff is speeding up actual searches — they’re instant because the index has already been created. This means it begins searching as you type, which can save you some valuable time when looking for a file in a pinch.


Keeping with the speed theme, Lookeen also has a system tray icon that you can use to search at any time. Just right-click on it, and type in what you want. It doesn’t get much quicker and easier than that.

For SSD users (or anyone with a drive that’s running low on space), the index file stays pretty small. In case of my 128GB SSD, there was roughly 40GB of free space but Lookeen’s whole index folder only took up 135MB.


With the features offered in the free version, anyone who needs a better way to search their computer will be happy with Lookeen Free. Of course, some people don’t have enough files on their computer to justify a dedicated search program, and it’s definitely worth accessing your needs.

However, if you often spend tremendous amounts of time trying to look for files on your computer, Lookeen Free is definitely worth a download.

Premium Upgrade


If you decide that you love the free Lookeen experience, but you want more, you can upgrade to the Enterprise version which retails for $116 or the Standard version, at a more affordable $58. If you do choose to upgrade, here are some of the features you will gain:

  • Search in network drives
  • Search in Microsoft Outlook
  • Search on Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Search public folders
  • Search contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, and journal
  • Free support
  • Shared index (available in Enterprise version only)
  • And much more

Thankfully, the features offered in the free version are quite impressive. All too often free versions of software feel gimped in favor of convincing you to upgrade, but Lookeen Free is feature-rich, with upgrades that add useful features, not make you feel like they are being withheld from the free version.

Wrapping Up

While not everyone is going to need a dedicated application to search for files on their PCs, anyone who does will love Lookeen Free. Searches are fast, the features are robust without being overwhelming to casual computer users. And it doesn’t use too many system resources, even during the indexing process.

If you’re looking for a PC search program, there’s no reason not to give Lookeen Free a shot!

How Do I Win a Copy of Lookeen Desktop Search?

Lookeen Desktop Search

The winners will be selected at random and informed via email. View the list of winners here.

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