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cool postersUnless you work out of random coffee shops, your work environment is around you every day, all day long. Building your own custom workstation How To Design Your Own Awesome Workstation How To Design Your Own Awesome Workstation I work in a tiny apartment, and use two 24” monitors. I needed a workstation that fits into a tiny niche, but can still accommodate me for many hours every day and let me work... Read More can go a long way towards making things more comfortable and productive, but what about inspiration? Having beautiful, amusing or thought-provoking artwork hanging around your office or home can seriously upgrade the atmosphere.

With this in mind, I set out to find unique and interesting posters and works of art for sale all over the Web. Scroll down for some inspiration, and perhaps you’ll even find one you’ll want to buy.


cool posters

I know, ThinkGeek’s poster section is a bit of an obvious choice, but that’s why I’m starting out with it. This is a large collection of nerdy posters, including posters for fans of Portal 2 (shown above), Battlestar Galactica (these are awesome in real life), and Pac-Man.  Some of the items are not exactly posters in the strictest sense of the word: That Pac-Man art is actually a self-adhesive wall decal (cooler than a poster, some would say).


cool movie posters

20×200 sells artwork, not just posters, and these are certainly not aimed only at geeks, despite the nerdy work I selected for you (Old Phone by artist Todd McLellan). While you can find smaller images in 20×200, you can also focus just on larger pieces if you sort by size (this links shows only 30”x40” art).


Each work is produced in a limited number of copies, and they sometimes sell out. For instance, this gorgeous map of Amsterdam was available as a 10”x8” print for $24, but all of that size has been sold out. You can still get it in larger sizes.

One important note about 20×200: Prices are not cheap. A 40”x30” print goes for $2,400 – a bit crazy.

OMG Posters

cool movie posters

OMG Posters! is not a store, but a blog for art lovers. It features amazing works like the one shown above, by artist Mr. Muju. At around £15-£20, this particular screenprint is not expensive. The blog also features works by big-name artists such as Shepard Fairey (the guy who made the Obama poster). If you just like looking at beautiful art, this is a lovely blog to subscribe to.

Better yet, if you’re actually looking to buy something, each of the items contains a link to a website selling it.

Despair, Inc.

cool movie posters

Despair, a website that requires a unique sense of humor (one I suspect our own James Bruce might appreciate). It’s basically motivational posters, inverted. Above you can see one called Potential, but there are many, many more where that came from. Might not be appropriate for every office (or every temper), but if these don’t actually demotivate you, they can make an interesting choice.

If you find they work too well, though, I would suggest swapping them with something more cheerful.

The Poster List

cool posters

The Poster List strikes a fine balance – it features actual artwork, but at poster prices. All posters on the site (including the work above, entitled Projector on Wood), go for $10.99. I only wish they added an option for “variants” of a specific poster. Right now, if a poster is offered in several different color schemes, it appears several times in the list, making it unnecessarily long.

Still, if you’re looking for posters that look like art and aren’t overly clever, this is a great place for some affordable finds.

Your Turn

As you can see, I did my best to find some unique places where you can get artwork for your home or workspace. Still, it is very possible I missed one or more great websites. I’m mainly curious to hear about niche sites like those featured above. Do you know of an art site that really deserves a bit more love? Tell me about it in the comments!

Image: Modest Owl

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