FinancialHealth: See How Healthy Your Finances Are

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We all run around all day trying to earn money, save it or paying it off. But how do we know how we are doing when it comes to financial health? FinancialHealth is a simple quiz created by CNN that lets you see how you are doing when it comes to debt, house payments, insurance, investments and emergency savings.

Just enter your age and some financial information then the tool will compare it to accepted standards and let you know how you are doing. For example, if your debt payments are less than 36% of your annual gross income, you are in a good position. It also looks at things like portfolio diversification and company stock. If you are doing poorly in a particular area, it will give you additional information.

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Andrey Canaire

This sounds cool! It can be an easy and first step to find out if I am in a positive condition to consider mortgage application. I’m eager to try using this tool!

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