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Mint has now launched its much-loved financial software application for Android tablets. is an awesome way to keep track of your spending and savings. It allows you to set goals, keep track of where you are spending your money, as well be reminded when you have bills coming up to be paid. If you have a hard time keeping track of your money, is the solution for you. We have covered Mint extensively at MakeUseOf How To Use Mint To Manage Your Budget & Spendings Online How To Use Mint To Manage Your Budget & Spendings Online Read More , because it really is that damn good. offers browser-based solutions as well as apps for iPhone, Android Smartphones and iPad. For owners of 9 and 10 inch Android tablets, now there is an app for you. For now, this app is designed to work on 9 and 10 inch models, although it seems that you can use it with 7 inch ones as well. At this point, there has not been word if the amazingly popular Kindle Fire will be supported. Obviously, Mint has supporting Android in their sights, and it’s impossible to ignore the popularity of the Kindle.

The app offers no new functionality from the earlier versions, but that’s not a bad thing, since the earlier version got nearly everything right. The only visible changes are some reordered modules and font changes.

For Mint, this is a great move. It opens a whole new market, and one that is growing fast. If you are a Mint user with an Android tablet, the time to download is now.

Source: Tech Crunch


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