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While personal financial trackers are very useful, they can be a pain to use sometimes especially if you hate typing in your income and expenses. Finance41 is a cool finance tool that lets you enter your complete transactions with just one line of text. This awesome tool is so quick and easy to use that it’s like tweeting!

personal financial tracker

Finance41 offers a quick functionality preview where you can use the app without signing up. From the dashboard you can type thing like  “1500 @cash” to add $1,500 dollars to your account or “-20 movie tickets #fun” to report an expense of $20 for movie tickets filed under the tag “fun”.  The one-line field also has an autocomplete function so data entry is much faster.

Other than the speedy feature, Finance41 has standard tracking features such as tagging, summaries, reports, graphs, and more. This tool is very useful if you want a personal financial tracker that won’t hold you up. The app can also be installed from the Chrome Web Store.


  • Quick personal financial tracker.
  • Complete transactions like you are tweeting.
  • One-page Ajax dashboard for all your information.
  • Install from Chrome Web Store.
  • Quickly reset account information.
  • Similar Tools: BudgetTracker, BudgetPulse, and Thrive.

Check out Finance41 @


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