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There are several file storage services and online backup tools that provide more or less similar functionalities. A typical storage service lets you upload files then share the link for your friends to access.

FinalFolder offers a different approach to online file storage by letting you email files to your FinalFolder account for a seamless backup.

archive files online

Setting up your backup with FinalFolder is simple. Once you register, you only need to forward all the documents that you want to save to Your files will then be automatically stored to your account.

You can easily access your saved files within 30 seconds with its unique search system. It can even search for content within documents for quick retrieval of files.

FinalFolder is basically a dump and forget backup system. When you need to send important files to your clients, you can make sure that everything is not lost by setting as your CC or BCC. So when you need to find these files, you’ll only need to look in one place.


archive files online

archive files online


  • Find files in less than 30 seconds with unique search technology.
  • Documents are thoroughly indexed for quick searching.
  • CC/BCC or forward attachments to to save files.
  • Edit tags, view documents online, and send back file to your email.
  • Free; easy to setup.
  • Similar Tools: Omnidrive, PandaFile.

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    I woud like to use final folder