FilzMail: Easily Create Disposable Email Accounts

Filzmail is a simple and easy way to create a disposable email account for 24 hours. It is free to use and the best part is that you can extend it for 24 hours at a time for free too. It is fast and once you type in a name, it immediately creates an @filzmail email account for you. You can also generate a random Flizmail address by clicking on ‘generate a filzmail’.

filzmail1   FilzMail: Easily Create Disposable Email Accounts

The Filzmail email works perfect and you can receive and reply mails through it temporarily. It also goes a step further and lets you subscribe to the RSS feed of your Filzmail email account.

filzmail2   FilzMail: Easily Create Disposable Email Accounts

However, it’s important to note that Filzmail records IP addresses and the related data. Hence it cannot be used to send anonymous email mesages.

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