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The Internet is full of videos. YouTube gets thousands of hours of videos uploaded every minute of the day. Sometimes going to YouTube and seeking out a certain kind of video is great, but on other occasions, you are just looking to kick back and watch some random stuff. That is where filmsto comes in. They allow you to choose films that will make you feel a certain way.

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You can use filmsto to select films to cry to, films to clap to, films to laugh to and films that make you think. The web app will then play random videos that should create the desired reaction. It’s a very novel new way to find entertainment online. We are all so used to choice so it’s cool to just let go and allow someone else to decide your entertainment future.


There is a massive choice of videos from categories such as humor, politics, sports and drama. If there is a type of video you like, chances are good that it will come up at some point while you are randomly shuffling through. One thing to keep in mind, according the developer, is that some of these videos may not be “family friendly.”


  • Watch random videos designed to illicit a certain reaction from you.
  • Videos in all kinds of categories such as humor, politics, sports and drama.
  • Next button to skip video you are not enjoying.
  • Four reactions to choose from.

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