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If you love movies, you probably already know about IMDB, the Internet’s premier movie database. Filmgator similarly aims to index every movie on the planet, but does so in a way IMDB doesn’t focus on: with a focus on social networking. It acts like social network for movies where you can read user-generated reviews of films, written by your friends. Films are also rated and sorted by genre.

social network for movies

Additionally, FilmGator features a unique way to sort films. If you’re trying to find a film from your childhood, but can’t quite recall the name, you can select the general time the movie was released and its genre and scroll through all the possibilities. Other features include the ability to record your personal movie timeline, telling your friends what movies you saw when.


  • A film centered social media site.
  • Share the movies you watch with friends and write reviews.
  • Keep track of the movies your friends watch and read their reviews.
  • Browse movies by year and genre.
  • Similar tools: FilmSite and Filmaster.

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  1. Carla
    March 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Accidentally stumbled across this page, didn't expect to find me in it. If you're interested I down-graded The Sixth Sense to a score of 6. Also you must have constructed that photo yourself because I don't believe I added those three films one after another, I did them weeks apart. Nice review of the site, its fantastic isn't it.