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Want to know the actual filming locations of your favorite movie? If yes, check out It is a film locations finder that lets you pick a movie and see the list of filming locations for that movie mapped on the Google Maps.

film location finder

Alternatively, you can pick a location and view all the movies that were filmed there. Each movie is presented by it’s poster. Clicking on it lets you view the movie details.

film locations

Furthermore you can view related pictures for each movie and leave comments. If you know of additional film location or locations for a movie that is not listed on the site, you can easily add to the locations list.


  • Find out the actual film locations of your favorite movies.
  • View film locations on a map, see related pictures and leave comments.
  • Pick a location and see all the movies filmed there.
  • Add film locations for a movie.
  • Free and no sign up.

Check out Filmaps @

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  1. ew
    October 29, 2009 at 6:14 am

    is there a site, which does the same for tv shows from US??