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GoPro cameras are primarily used by people doing extreme sports who want to capture all the action for posterity. But that’s far from their only use.

It’s time to get the gray matter working by deciding what you would film using a GoPro. The more creative you get, the more (entirely fictional) points there are up for grabs.

Go Go GoPro Pro

We want to know, What Would You Film Using A GoPro Camera? It’s a simple enough question, but one which will require you to sit and ponder for a few minutes, perhaps while adopting a pose similar to that of Rodin’s The Thinker. Or perhaps not.

First, for the uninitiated among you, a short introduction to the world of GoPro.

GoPro cameras are extremely versatile tools capable of going where other cameras would fear to tread. They’re used primarily by people participating in extreme sports, capturing footage from new and unusual perspectives. Like so…


As a result of this inherent versatility, there have been some amazing videos of people doing extreme sports Extreme Sports Revealed With Amazing GoPro Videos Extreme Sports Revealed With Amazing GoPro Videos GoPro cameras are designed to be worn or held while doing adventurous activities. They're tough and waterproof, meaning they can survive along with you (hopefully) whether you're jumping out of a plane, diving in the... Read More . These are extremely impressive, but, sadly, none have been quite good enough to make me want to try these activities for myself. I would rather leave it to the professionals and/or idiotic amateurs.

I am personally much more likely to use a GoPro to do something a little more unusual. Such as strap it to a dog and send him off to the park for a day. Cue intriguing footage showing what a day in the life of a dog looks like. All from the dog’s own perspective. Like so…

Damn. I just remembered I haven’t even got a dog. So that plan is out. It seems the only sensible course of action is to do something utterly bizarre with my GoPro. Like, I don’t know, attach it to a ceiling fan in order to capture footage of me standing under it looking thoroghly unimpressed. Like so…

Wait, no, that won’t work either. I haven’t even got a ceiling fan. So none of these possible uses for a GoPro camera 7 Videos That Will Make You Want A GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] 7 Videos That Will Make You Want A GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] Clever marketing goes beyond memorable advertising when it demonstrates exactly what you are missing out on by not owning a product. I'm not usually a sucker for advertising, preferring instead to make my own mind... Read More quite hits the spot. Hence the need for help from the MakeUseOf readership.

What would you film using a GoPro camera? Tell us in the comments section below, and we’ll discover what weird and wacky (or entirely banal and boring) ideas our collective brainpower can come up with.

Get Involved!

All comments will be read and most will be replied to, before a follow-up post We Ask You post is published. One reader will win Comment Of The Week, receiving our extreme and everlasting gratitude for their efforts. But no points. I told you they were fictional.

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