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Filesocial is a Twitter-based file sharing service that allows users to upload and share files on twitter instantly. Unlike third-party file storage services with a “share-to-Twitter” plugin, this app is designed to integrate solely to Twitter.

share files on twitter

After authenticating your account through the Twitter Oauth API, you can upload your file (up to 50MB) and add your message. Filesocial will then post a tweet to your profile and provide a link to the file. This app can handle images, songs, videos, office files, compressed files and more.

Sharing files with FileSocial is as public as they get. All files uploaded will be displayed in a public timeline and anyone can download and comment on them. Users can also upload files using the Adobe Air desktop app or the mobile version of Filesocial Uploader.

Filesocial is the perfect app for sharing files to your Twitter friends (and the Twitter universe) on the go.



  • Easily upload files and tweet about them.
  • Uses Oauth to authenticate Twitter users.
  • Handles files up to 50MB.
  • Support for common images, songs, videos, office, and compressed files.
  • Mobile app available for uploading files.
  • Drag and drop ability available for Adobe Air desktop app.
  • All uploaded files will be posted on their Filesocial’s public timeline.
  • Similar tool: TweetCube.

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