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Sometimes files get corrupted or damaged due to a virus infection, network sharing, application errors or some other reason. So if you have an important file which was somehow damaged, check out FileRepair1. It is a free software tool for Windows, which can repair damaged or corrupted files. It can’t fix every damaged file, but will fix most of them.

It scans the damaged file and tries to extract as much information as possible, and then creates a new usable file. It can fix numerous file formats including Word, Excel, Zip/RAR archives, images (jpeg,gif, tiff, bmp, png), PDF, Access and PowerPoint. Best of all, it is 100% free, with no ads or any kind of usage restrictions.

To fix your damaged file(s), simply download the software from their site, select the file and click “Start repair”.

repair damaged or corrupted files

The software can fix damaged files due to the following reasons :

  • unexpected power failure.
  • network interruption.
  • virus infection.
  • network sharing.
  • application errors.

But at the moment it CANNOT yet fix files if

  • the file is not in a recognizable format.
  • it is unable to read the file.
  • the file cannot be accessed.
  • the application cannot open the type of file.
  • it has out of memory errors, or low system resources errors.


Check out and download FileRepair1 @

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