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Ever received an email with an attachment that you couldn’t open because you didn’t have the required program on your system? Asking the sender to resend the file is not always an option since that’d require a lot of time and even then the sender might not have the same software stack as you have. Thankfully, Fileminx is here to save us from all the back and forth emails.

Fileminx is a free instant file converter that works not only with multiple document based file formats such as .DOC, .PDF and .RTF but also with images and media files such as .BMP and .MP3. Just upload your file to Fileminx and follow the wizard that’ll guide you through the process of converting your files to any of the supported formats.

free instant file converter


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  1. Jayanta dey
    September 6, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    this site is not working properly...

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