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You often come across file formats online that you previously might not have heard of. To familiarize yourselves with these files you need a good source of information on all digital file formats. This is exactly what a site called FileInfo offers.

information about file formats

FileInfo is a very useful website that provides information on nearly all file formats. You can look up a file format simply by executing a keyword search. Alternatively you can browse file formats according to their category. Ranging from text files to video and vector image formats, you can browse all types of digital file types.


For each file format you will get a list of programs that open the file format under Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.



  • A user-friendly website.
  • Informs you on various file formats.
  • Sorts file formats according to category.
  • Provides a list of programs with which file formats can be opened.
  • Similar tools: FILExt and OpenWith.

Check out FileInfo @

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