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Computer users often have to open up numerous folders at the same time, either to manage files between them or simply to transfer files from one folder to another. This can cause a clutter of opened folder windows. Here to tackle this problem for Mac users is an app called FileDesk Lite.

browse files on mac

FileDesk Lite is a free to use application that is compatible with Mac computers. The app is sized at nearly 2.5 MB and it requires your computer to be running Mac OS X 10.6 or later, apart from Mac OS X 10.7-10.7.2. The function of this nifty application is to help you reduce the clutter produced on your Mac computer screen that is caused by opening multiple file browsing windows. Often we have numerous folders opened and managing them or finding files between them can be very difficult. This app aims to tackle that problem by providing you with a single window file browser. Using only a single window, you are able to browse all of your Mac files. You can have different folders opened up in various tabs of the same file exploring window. The tabs remove the need for having multiple windows open. The files you can see in the folders can be sorted by showing the subfolders on top of the files. If there are images in the files you are browsing, then they can be view in full by highlighting the image and pressing the Space bar.


  • A user friendly desktop app
  • Compatible with Mac computers
  • Let’s you browse computer files in a single window
  • Supports tab for opening different folders
  • Opens images in new view

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