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OtherInbox LogoOtherInbox claims to be “the cure for email overload.” I’ve been part of the beta test for a few weeks now and I simply love it. Instead of giving you a single email address, OtherInbox gives you the ability to create multiple addresses in your own subdomain ( These addresses can be used to sign up anywhere. The service officially supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and (for those of you stuck at work) Internet Explorer.

Example time:

Let’s say that I want to sign up for but don’t want to give out my real email address, potentially passing it to spammers. Instead, I register with the address

For those who prefer to use their own domain, that option is also available. All messages to my custom address will fall into its own folder in your OtherInbox, where you can read, archive, search, and reply to them in a nice Outlook-style layout.

A peek inside the busy inbox of an OtherInbox user.

Note to self…see if “” is taken. Now where was I?


You can do this with a seemingly-infinite number of sites.

– save your Amazon receipts in
– filter your eBay auto-searches into
– use separate email just for signups, say em>
– etc.

Best part about this is that there are no filters to set up; you do not have to go to the OtherInbox site ahead of time to create the address. For instance, right after signing up (got username makeuseof) I sent myself 3 emails to following addresses:


When I logged in to OtherInbox I saw each of those emails in its own Inbox. Sweet.

Other Inboc - Multiple Inboxes

In the event that you begin to receive unsolicited mail in a particular inbox, you have the option of hitting the big “Block All” button, which disables that address. You’ll never see mail from them again. The option to turn a disabled inbox back on is there if needed.

Block All option

Checking multiple sites for your mail is a chore, and OtherInbox seems to understand that. Additional options allow you to auto-forward all incoming mail to another address, or (my favorite) read your messages via RSS.

OtherInbox - Get Emails via RSS

The same options are available for individual inboxes, along with the vice-versa option, importing an RSS feed to an inbox.

OtherInbox can also import messages from any IMAP account, auto-saving and organizing receipts, coupons, etc. I’m told that there is currently no limit to the amount of messages that can be saved in your OtherInbox account.

Being a beta, it can be prone to the occasional hiccups, but I have no real complaints about the service. I believe that once you have been using OtherInbox for just a few days, you will wonder what you did without it.

I’m also happy to announce that the nice folks at OtherInbox have opened up their beta to the first 100 Make Use Of readers to sign up through this link. You may also follow their Twitter account for the chance to score an invite, or simply to send them feedback.

So why not set up an account and then come back here and let us know what you think? Do you see this as the new weapon against email spam?

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