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While the average computer user might be perfectly satisfied with the quality of songs being played by their computer, there are audiophiles that demand a better audio quality for the media they play on their computers. Normally computers with low system resources might compromise the fidelity of the audio being played.

People with a sharp ear pick up on the lower quality of sound and this makes listening to music not an enjoyable experience for them. Here to help them out of this problem is a little application called Fidelizer.

high fidelity audio computer

Fidelizer is a piece of freeware compatible with Windows computers. The application comes in a tiny zip archive sized at nearly 0.2 MB. To run the application, you need only open the EXE file contained within the archive. The application helps you focus your computer’s resources to audio applications and services.

There are three different levels that the application offers for this task – professional, audiophile, and extremist. You can also set a custom level. Based on the settings you choose, your computer focuses its resources more on audio services and helps produce high fidelity audio.



Once you have made your settings, click on the “Fidelize” button on the application for the settings to take place. The settings can be reverted easily simply by restarting your computer. Audiophiles who can pick up on those little sound differences will greatly appreciate having this application.


  • A user friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Focuses your computer resources to audio apps and services.
  • An excellent application for audiophiles.

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