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Lately, everyone is talking about the magical Internet storage place called the cloud. Fiabee is another company putting their name in the hat for your cloud storage needs, and they are updating their service to try and improve their current cloud based offerings. The first major improvement is their Facebook, Flickr and Picasa syncing feature. Now any photos uploaded to any of these services will automatically sync with your Fiabee account.

They also added contact syncing with Google and Linkedin. Any changes that happen on one account will happen across the board, making it easier manage your contacts wherever you are. In addition, they have also added syncing documents with Google docs. Anything you sync locally with the Google docs folder will sync to your Google docs account, and vise-versa.

Fiabee already had an app for Google Chrome and Android, and now they have added an app for Windows users. If the browser-based Chrome solution doesn’t meet your needs then this Windows app is just what you are looking for.


Overall, Fiabee is looking like a pretty solid competitor in the cloud market, and with it being free for now, there is no reason not to give it a shot.


Source: TheNextWeb
Image Source: ShutterStock 



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