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fhotoroom windows phoneIf taking photos on your Windows Phone is your thing, then you’ll need a good processing app that is capable of offering a variety of tweaks and adjustments. Of course, on a desktop computer such software can set you back, sometimes up to $100 – not the sort of price you would want to spend on mobile phone apps.

Thankfully, that sort of price is something you don’t have to worry about. Windows Phone users no longer have to rely on desktop applications for resizing, cropping and applying filters to your smartphone snaps thanks to a swathe of new apps that are available in the Windows Phone Store by device manufacturers and third party developers.

Among these is Fhotoroom, an easy-to-use app that is intended for fast and effective results. Available free from the Windows Store, this app is – in the absence of Instagram for Windows Phone 8 – arguably the best image post processing app for the platform.

Fhotoroom Features

Despite its unwieldy spelling, Fhotoroom is nevertheless full of useful features. As well as being a photo processor, however, it also offers its own camera app, one that offers quite a few bonus tools.

Present in Fhotoroom are the filters you might expect, offering everything from the evocative “Tsar” filter that produces a Soviet-era Russian result to the crops, resizes, the ability to alter the various colour balances and even select areas to be blurred out. All this, and then the option to save to your phone or SkyDrive How To Sync Any Folder To SkyDrive, And How To Use SkyDrive On Windows XP How To Sync Any Folder To SkyDrive, And How To Use SkyDrive On Windows XP Microsoft’s new SkyDrive is a great entry in the cloud storage wars -- it competes toe-to-toe with Dropbox, Google Drive, and the rest. However, it has some limitations. We’ll show you how to overcome these... Read More , or join Fhotoroom to upload to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr via their service (although the setup for this certainly needs some work).

fhotoroom windows phone


In camera mode, meanwhile, Fhotoroom provides a viewfinder grid, a timer and tools for taking different types of photograph, such as action shots, night images, scenery and portraits. You can also switch to your front-facing camera if necessary for your purposes and still gain the same great results.

Using Fhotoroom

As you should have gathered, Fhotoroom has a lot of tools and features, with over 50 filters and 27 frames, not to mention 18 editing tools!

This fact alone may lead you to think that it might be a complicated experience, but this isn’t the case at all. Thanks to some great user interface design, the Fhotoroom developers have succeeded in providing all of the features across the foot of the Windows Phone display in that same hinterland that Internet Explorer uses in Windows Phone and Windows 8 to display the address bar and back button.

Even better, they’ve managed to retain the Metro/Modern/whatever-Microsoft-call-it style in the app without sacrificing any usability or functionality.

Adding Filters & Frames

Although Fhotoroom has a very good camera interface/overlay, you probably won’t use this except in rare situations when you need a timer or the ability to snap action shots (only the Windows Phone camera software can be launched from the camera hardware button). Rather, Fhotoroom will probably be most commonly launched from the Photos hub or straight after snapping a photo with the Windows Phone camera.

fhotoroom app

With your image selected, you will able to launch Fhotoroom from the apps… menu option in Photos. Once open, you will be presented with a choice of menu options. To crop, add a simple filter and frame and upload to your SkyDrive, begin by selecting Basic Edit to find the Crop option, using your finger to drag the placeholders.

As with every other tool or filter that will change the image, you will need to confirm your crop by tapping the apply button. If you’re unhappy, cancel and if you want to try again, tap reset.

fhotoroom app

You can now add a filter. Tap Styles, then choose the appropriate new look for your photo. There are 28 upper-level filters, some of which have additional presets when tapped, so you should spend time exploring what is on offer. Again, when you’re happy, tap apply. You might also use the Save button to keep a copy of the “Fhotoroomed” image – the original won’t be changed.

Although the filters are impressive, the Frames on offer are rather pedestrian compared with some other apps. When you have made your selection, apply and Save!


There are several other image processing apps for Windows Phone that you might consider. Thanks to the continued lack of Instagram, many pretenders have come along to try and fill the void.

fhotoroom windows phone

Nokia users can take advantage of the ultra-fast (but limited) Creative Studio, while Metrogram and Pictastic are both good options; however, neither has the complete polish that Fhotoroom offers. If Instagram does ever come to Windows Phone, they might have a bit of a fight on their hands converting users…

If there is a problem with Fhotoroom then it is with the clunky sharing system; the permission acquisition from Facebook or Twitter is painfully slow, for some reason. Despite this, however, Fhotoroom is the type of app that you should be installing on your first day of Windows Phone ownership, and holds pride of place in our full list of Windows Phone apps for a very good reason – it’s superb.

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  1. karen
    July 27, 2013 at 8:15 am

    how do i delete my fhotoroom account???

  2. Abhijith R
    March 21, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    I have used this app in windows 8. Though I find FOTOR as more functional.

  3. Surendra
    March 21, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    This app is not available in my region. Is there a way I can get this one?

  4. Gourav Kumar
    March 21, 2013 at 9:40 am

    ITs will be fun using this want it in my phone :D

  5. dalydose
    March 21, 2013 at 3:09 am

    I agree with everything you say about this app. It is my GO TO photo editor in what I call my "mobile photo studio". I use it as one of the tools for my phone-tography blog ( I hope pimpin my link isn't frowned upon. :)

    I don't think Fhotoroom is in competition with Instagram and not just because Instagram isn't on Windows Phone yet. I think Fhotoroom is a complete phonetography app from image acquisition to editing to filtering to sharing and they do it all very well. I see Instagram as doing two things: 1. cropping and putting over-used filters on pictures 2. providing a pseudo social network. I still see ALL of my friends' Instagrams because they post them to Facebook and Twitter...they all do, so the social aspect of Instagram is overblown, in my opinion. Fhotoroom has this too and I do feel a sense of community there and I think most people are taking pictures with their phones, so it is expanding that genre. Again, it is a niche social experience, but I also use it to share via Twitter and Facebook.

    I really like using the camera feature. I get better results than with the native camera. A lot of credit goes to the a simple thing like the grid overlay to help line things up and also the more complex feature of allowing a spot to use for exposure settings that is separate from the focus point. Brilliant.

    I also like editing in Fhotoroom. I stay away from filters, most of the time with the exception of Tilt Shift and Vignette, which I don't see as "filters" in the way that is being commonly accepted as the definition. I usually stay in the basic editing and do things like cropping, white balancing, adjusting the black level and contrast and brightness and saturation levels.

    All in all, I think Fhotoroom is far and away a better product than Instagram, but they are in a different class. Of course, that is my opinion and really...we agree on a LOT of things about Fhotoroom. :)

  6. Vivian Cipryk
    March 20, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    sounds good