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Webpages nowadays update very quickly and it can be very laborious to go through all the clutter just to find the content that you are interested in. Femtoo is a web app that saves you time by monitoring changes on a specific part of a webpage. Femtoo tracks changes on a website and notifies you whenever any change has been made, based on the parameters that you set – for instance when a word or a value comes up.

track changes on a website

To start tracking changes, sign up for a Femtoo account with your email. Then set up your tracker by adding the website URL, selecting parts of the webpage that you want monitored, and setting your update rules. You can be notified of changes via email, email groups, or Gmail chat. Advanced users can also utilize the callback feature with configurable login variables that adjusts your website content automatically.

Femtoo also lets you add a “track this page“ button to your website so that your visitors can be easily notified whenever new content is published.

track changes on a website


  • Track internet content.
  • Monitors websites and looks out for certain words or values.
  • Receive notifications via email, email groups, and Gmail chat.
  • Create up to 12 trackers.
  • Callback feature with configurable login variables adjusts your website content automatically.
  • Add a “track this page” button to your site.
  • Publish your tracker in the Tracker Library.
  • Similar tools: WatchThatPage and FollowThatPage, PageTiki and SparkTooth.

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  1. reda
    February 6, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    thanks for sharing,
    actually google reader is an other similar tools, sinces somedays he gives the possibility to watch webpages that don't have rss.