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Update: Several readers report that the site is bogus. So keep it in mind when you try it.

FelonSpy helps you find out whether there are any felons residing in your area. It tracks virtually everyone with a criminal record including sex offenders, ex-cons, and even those guilty of serious traffic infractions. The website uses a broad array of publicly available databases: it compares city, county, state and federal criminal databases with the telephone records and pinpoints the exact location of people with criminal records. Simply type in your address, click enter and it will give you a map view of your neighborhood along with the details.

Is it ethical ? Well, I guess it depends on from where you look at it. Although I am pretty sure no one with a family would want to move to a neighborhood near some sex offender.

FelonSpy - Search for felons in your area


  • Search for felons in any neighborhood.
  • No registration or signup required.
  • Available only within United States.

Visit Felonspy @ [ ]

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