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Have a Website? Blog? Webpage? Want to know exactly where you stand in relation to all the other websites? Wondering how much you website is worth? Take a deep breath, go directly to the links below and have it GRADED!

Website Grader – Free seo is a tool that measures the marketing effectiveness and popularity of a website. Find out things like website traffic, its popularity on social bookmarking networks (Digg,, …), incoming link count, and lots of other relevant factors. It also provides some basic tips on how the website can be improved.

WebsiteGrader: Grade Your Website

Just type in your URL, primary keywords, competing websites (shhhh! you can check up on them too) and the email address where you want them to send the Full Report!. And a FULL REPORT is exactly what they will send, too! It’s very informative, and gives you a ton of ideas on how you can make your site better. So, pour yourself a stiff one, then sit down and check it out!

And while you’re at it, you may also take a look at their report on SEO Capabilities of the Top 20 Bloggers.

SEOMOZ -Page Strength – Similar to WebsiteGrader but takes a slightly different approach. Instead of giving the effectiveness of the website in comparison to other rated websites, it does a thorough SEO check and grades the website (from 1 to 10) based on the actual stats. Extremely useful at tracking website’s performance over time. Take a look at MakeUseOf report here

SEOMOZ - SEO Check Site

How Much is Your Blog Worth ? – Exactly does what it says, find out how much $$$ the website is valued at. This tool uses the same the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal. The only problem, it pulls link count from Technorati, which unfortunately doesn’t work well anymore.


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