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Try an online-only replacement for Google Reader. Feedspot isn’t well known now, but that may soon change. Google Reader’s decline means any RSS reader has a chance to step up and convince its readers to try out their service. Feedspot makes a compelling argument. Its interface is clean and likely familiar. Rss feeds can migrate from Google Reader, or any other RSS reader by use of an OPML file.

online rss reader with sharing

As for the reading experience, it’s familiar. Once you get your feeds set up you’ll be able to use the standard “j” and “k” to jump up and down one story, or you can scroll. Whatever you’re used to, but the full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found by clicking the arrow at top-right. It’s a fairly standard reading experience, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck.

You can favorite articles, send them to Twitter or email them – or share them with your Feedspot followers.


There’s a red notification at top, calling your attention to shared content. Feedspot calls itself a social network for RSS readers, but it’s really only that to the extent Google Reader was, prior to the removal of the share function. You can follow users, seeing every article they share – and you can share articles yourself. It’s a great way to find curated content, assuming people you know are going to use Feedspot.

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At this point that’s anything but given, but who knows – if you invite your friends to use the service, and they actually do, you just might fill your Feedspot with shared articles. There’s a tool you can use to search your webmail contacts for Feedspot users, but there’s no support for pulling in contacts or content from Facebook, Twitter or any social network. Maybe that’s their next step.


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  1. kerstin from
    March 22, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Hey, this looks nice, I will check it out, You might even get a better RSS UX by combining it , we clean up and expand any sjortemed RSS to a clean Full text RSS Feed

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