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RSS feeds provide a simple way to read the latest on your favorite websites. There are many RSS clients that make it easier to read the feeds by merging them. However most of these applications are targeted at computers; when used on smartphones, they often end up with an undesirable layout. For an RSS reader for your mobile phone, give FeedsAnywhere a try.

rss reader for mobile phone

FeedsAnywhere is an HTML-based service and can be used by any cellphone with a web browser. It offers a number of impressive features for reading feeds on your phone. First of all, the service is intended for smartphones and employs a phone-friendly layout. Moreover it tracks the material you read and shows your preferred items on top – if concerned about privacy, you can turn off this feature.

The search option on the main screen helps quickly find your desired material. Furthermore you can gather items and create a personal feed out of them. FeedsAnywhere will be a free service when widely available; currently it is in public beta and you need an invitation code to join.

rss reader for mobile


  • Web based rss reader for mobile.
  • Optionally tracks the material you read to place your favorite articles on top.
  • Designed specifically for cellphones thus has a neat, easy-to-handle interface.
  • Includes a search bar on the main screen.
  • Lets you create personal feeds out of selected items.
  • An ideal app for smartphone owners who work with RSS feeds.
  • Similar tools: Viigo, Spectives and MobileRSS.

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