Feedly & Buffer Join Forces To Bring The Buffer Button To Feedly News Reader [Updates]

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What’s better than sharing a good article? Sharing it at the best time! A new cooperation announced by Feedly and Buffer brings Buffer’s social-updates scheduler into Feedly’s news reader, allowing users to share their favorite articles from Feedly using their personalized Buffer schedule. The new Buffer button will be available only on Feedly’s iOS app and Chrome add-on, for now.

In case you’ve missed it, Buffer is an up-and-coming social media updater that schedules your tweets, Facebook updates, etc. for maximum exposure. You can create an account with Buffer or log in using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Once you have an account and provide your local time, Buffer will create a schedule for you that should be the best for your audience (you can also create your own). You can then start adding updates to your buffer, and the app will send them out according to schedule.

Buffer is already integrated into several reading apps, and has also released a Buffer button for websites to include next to their regular social sharing buttons. Feedly now joins this list of partners, bringing a Buffer button to its iOS app and Chrome extension. When you read an article you want to share on Feedly, you can either share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., or schedule it to Buffer using the new button.

According to Buffer’s developers, they’re working on a Buffer/Feedly integration for Firefox and Safari as well, so if you use those browsers, your patience will probably be rewarded (perhaps in as little as 3 weeks). As for Android, the Buffer integration might arrive there too, but you can already share from Feedly through Buffer by tapping on the Share icon and choosing Buffer from the list. You need to have the Buffer app for Android installed for that, though.

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What do you think of this new integration? Is it a good enough reason to switch to Feedly? Or to start using Buffer?

Source: Buffer Blog

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Manish Dhane

From the start to present Buffer has provided a great integrated platform for social media users and now its partnership with Feedly will sure expand its reach to the new level.


Mac Witty

Found out about Buffer two days ago thanks to Aaron Couch – great service!. Feedly looks very promising and have started to use it today.

Yaara Lancet

Buffer is awesome, it’s one of my favorite services. Feedly is great too. :)


suneo nobi

With the imminent demise of Google reader in July,Feedly seems only the viable option………….

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