FeedJit: Live Traffic Widget for Your Website

Feedjit is an excellent website widget that helps you analyze your web traffic in a very unique way. The service offers you a widget that you can place on your website. This widget analyzes the traffic coming in and out of your site. The traffic members are identified and displayed on the widget. Implementation of the widget on your own website helps you see, almost in real time, when friends and people of interest visit your website.

feedjit   FeedJit: Live Traffic Widget for Your Website

For example, you might see that an influential person you follow has visited your website. After seeing this, you might want to follow up with them and get their opinion about your website. Information included in the widget for people detected include a picture, a name, a location, a Twitter account link, a Facebook account link, a flag icon of their location, and a link to the visitor’s own website. To get the widget, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you select a color scheme. Visual customizations allow you to change the color scheme, select the widget width, choose the number of visitors shown by the widget, and select the blogging platform you will be using the widget on. So far, supported platforms include Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad. You can get a directly embeddable code for other platforms.

feedjit1   FeedJit: Live Traffic Widget for Your Website

These are all features offered by the free version of Feedjit. You can go for the PRO version too; the PRO version starts from $4.95 per month and offers more personalization and ad-free interface.


  • A user friendly web application.
  • Shows you details about people who visit your website.
  • Shows pictures, names, locations, and more.
  • Works on WordPress, Blogger, and other site platforms.
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Check out Feedjit @ www.feedjit.com

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