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Turn your Facebook page, Twitter timeline or any RSS feed into an attractive widget you can embed on your website. Sure, you could use the free embeddable “widgets” offered by Facebook and Twitter – but they aren’t terribly customizable, and are seen by many as ugly. FeederNinja offers you a clean way to add content from your social networks to every page on your website – just create the widget, copy the code and embed it where appropriate.

rss widgets for your website

To start, choose which service you want to embed. Then you’ll be able to customize the number of items, the size of the widget in pixels and even choose a color scheme. The free option here is rather limited: you can only show 5 items in a feed, and your only choices of color are black and gray. To remove these restrictions – and a rather large ad for the service that shows up below the widget – you’ll need to pay at least $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year for premium service.

If you’d rather only pay once, you can – $99 and the service is yours for life (yours or that of the site, presumably).

It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s one of the easier and better-looking ways of embedding content on a web site, so it just might be worth it to you.




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