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Storing documents in the cloud is an excellent idea, but it doesn’t solve all of your problems. Printing is often an issue because it’s not possible to conjure a printer through a WiFi connection Use Your WiFi Connection Setup On All PCs With WiFi Network Backup Manager [Windows] Use Your WiFi Connection Setup On All PCs With WiFi Network Backup Manager [Windows] Having multiple wifi access points isn't much of a hassle, because you can just configure all of them in your wireless network setup and then click to connect to whichever one you want. The hassle... Read More . Fedex is now offering a solution in the form of the Office Print Online service.

Now available via Google Docs, this feature allows users to send a document saved to the cloud to a local Fedex location, where it will be printed. Or if you’re unable to make it to the nearest Fedex, you can have the documents delivered to you as soon as the next business day.

Using the service is easy, but does require that the Fedex site be given access to your Google account. Once you’ve uploaded a document, multiple print options become available including folding, lamination, and binding.

Of course, Fedex isn’t offering this out of the kindness of their heart, but rates do seem reasonable. The site quoted me $1.38 for printing out a simple two-page document at the nearest store, while having it delivered to my apartment tacked on an extra $9.99. Not as cheap as doing it yourself, obviously – but this should be handy for Google Docs users in a pinch.

Source: Google Docs Blog


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