Fed Up With eBay? Here Are Some Worthy (And Cheaper) Alternatives For Sellers

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ebay alternativeWhen you want to sell your excess junk online, where do you go? For most people, the one and only answer is eBay. With millions of daily users, it only seems logical to use the number one popular online auction site when you have online selling needs. But what about all of the alternatives that are arguably better?

“Why fix something that isn’t broken, Joel?” you might ask. Or more poignantly, “Why use a different site when eBay suits me just fine?” Well, if you enjoy using eBay, then I suppose there’s no reason to switch. However, over the years, many users have grown fed up with eBay’s services. If you’re one of those users, then have no fear. The eBay alternative are pretty good.

If you have stuff you need to sell and you need it done online, check out the following sites. Some of them may surprise you.


ebay alternative

Here’s an alternative that may seem like common sense: Craigslist. Founded in 1995, Craigslist acts as an online community where users can post classified ads. In the last 17 years, Craigslist has become so popular that it now serves over 700 localized versions of its site in over 70 countries. If you need a broad audience, here you go.

Craigslist is completely free. You do not pay any service fees or charges for posting your listings. Payment and transactions are dealt with face-to-face between parties, so there is no mediator escrow-type service; be careful that you aren’t scammed. The interface is somewhat outdated and as far as I know there isn’t a way to judge a user’s trustworthiness (like with eBay’s rating system).

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But everything considered, you keep 100% of the revenue when you finalize a transaction using Craigslist and its popularity guarantees that you won’t run out of buyers anytime soon.


better ebay alternative

Ealtbay. Just take a look at this service’s name and you’ll see that its primary purpose is to be an alternative to eBay. But is it better than eBay? Check out their five reasons for existence and decide for yourself.

  • Ealtbay does not place bans on items that are perfectly legal to be sold.
  • Ealtbay lets you list items for free. Final fees on sold items are much lower than eBay.
  • Ealtbay does not force electronic payment methods (e.g., Paypal) on users. Whatever method the seller is comfortable with can be used.
  • Ealtbay allows feedback for both buyers and sellers, not just sellers.
  • Ealtbay does not force top-rated sellers to appear at the top of search results, allowing smaller-volume sellers more exposure.

The downside to Ealtbay is that their audience is nowhere near the size of eBay (which is understandable) and they have a primitive-looking interface that isn’t exactly beautiful (which is a definite negative). However, those five features above more than make up for any of Ealtbay’s shortcomings.


better ebay alternative

eBid is a promising alternative to eBay, boasting over 6 million item listings in nearly 13,000 categories. There are no listing fees here and the final fees are much lower than the fees over at eBay. Payment methods include Paypal, PPPay, Google Checkout, and Skrill. If you’re worried about eBid’s reliability as a service, be placated in knowing that eBid is a Google Shopping Marketplace Partner.

eBid’s selling features are that they provide a number of merchant programs (auctions, fixed-price transactions, and storefronts) as well as the ability to “ninja list” items, where you can bulk upload for low fees.


better ebay alternative

Unlike eBay and clones of eBay, there are other online marketplaces that cater to a more niche audience. Marketplaces like Etsy, where the focus rests on hand-made or vintage items. It was established in 2005, which means it only had 7 years to become as big as it is now. Impressive, if you ask me.

Etsy boasts over 39 million unique visitors every month who browse the 800,000 available shops. As niche as Etsy might be, the audience size is nothing to sneeze at. In order to list on Etsy, each item will cost you $0.20 per stock and you’ll pay 3.5% of the final selling price in fees. Payment options include Paypal, Etsy’s direct checkout, or cheque.

For one-time junk selling, eBay is still the better option. But if you have hand-made crafts that you’d like to sell for profit, Etsy may be the place for you.


alternatives to ebay

If you have items that you just want to get rid of (i.e., you don’t care about making a profit), you ought to check out Freecycle. It’s a worldwide community that aims to reduce global waste by connecting people who want to throw away goods to people who need those goods. In essence, people with excess give stuff to people in need for free. Free recycling. Get it? (Admittedly, it took me a while.)

Listings are completely free and there are no payment options because everything is free. Though Freecycle is a worldwide site, item exchanges are conducted locally so buyers can come pick up the items from the sellers without postage fees. If you need more room in your attic or garage, Freecycle can help you. If you want to make a profit, look elsewhere.

Ruby Lane

ebay alternative

Ruby Lane is a niche online marketplace where people can buy and sell high-end antiques, art, and vintage collectibles. Here you’ll find thousands of independent shops, each run by individual sellers, from all over the world. Ever since their establishment in 1998, Ruby Lane has guaranteed quality, security, and excellence to their members.

Their shop format only allows selling items either at a certain price point or through the make-and-offer feature; there are no auctions. For sellers, Ruby Lane uses a unique pricing structure that includes a $0.30 listing fee per item, a once-per-month Advertising Fee of $20, and a once-per-month Maintenance Fee that depends on how many items you sell that month. Check out their massive list of reasons why you should sell on Ruby Lane.

So if you’re sick of eBay, then you owe it to yourself to check out one of these eBay alternative. Many are free. Some are great for one-time throwaways while others offer you the chance to build up a lucrative business. If you’ve used any of these services in the past, let us know what you thought of them in the comments!

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Adrian Rea

These must be better for US shoppers and sellers. I agree with freecycle as this is more available in other countries and is environmentally friendly but, as you say, not really something for sellers as such. Searching from the UK many of the above sites had nothing of interest, and I tend to find eBay the best way to reach the largest audience in the UK (and then abroad). The other best way if you are selling online, if you want to make a business of it, can be to have your own website. This takes much effort in the setup but you have complete control over your customers experience so you can nurture their desire to buy, explain your product and how well the customer will be treated. Many websites offer your email address or contact details to all which is not so bad if you are a business but awful if a sole trader just wanting to get miscellaneous items sold to clear your clutter. In the UK the other main alternative seems to be Gumtree, but I have found that even that is fairly limited in searchability and the content seems to be posted indefinitely. If you are a seller, you want to be where the buyers go. The first place they often look is google then eBay. Better the devil you know!

Joel Lee

Unfortunately you’re right. Ebay is such a huge competitor that the other sites have trouble keeping up. But rest assured, Ebay won’t be on top forever!

Solita Designs

CL I wouldn’t chance as too much can go wrong. BIDville.info was a mess after signed up then paid, then had to dispute the charges- no one can be reached for Help and my Store was still Disabled plus they wanted another paypal buy in to be Verified on their BIDville site. I’m having a good exp. so far with: tophatter; ioffer; storenvy; ecrater. Amazon…gee I’m not being paid- again. It took 3 months for them to reimburse/pay me for a sewing machine (which I UPS’d for over 60.00) at $177.00. Gee. Ebay….I still list but I feel almost sullied as a seller plus have such a rout getting the $$ my item really is worth. Ebay is still a good source and serves a purpose but there ARE many other venues out I wished both buyers and sellers would give a chance to. Both bonanza and Ruby have too high sign up fees, bonanza cancelled my entire profile after two weeks but fact is they don’t give a month to month option. Most people need at least that. etsy…good but I still have a struggle selling even at Reasonable, I see so many HIGH prices on there and wonder how vendors can even sell. I have my own Store but I have to hustle every day to bring it more visible and what I like about the first sites I mentioned is they LET sellers promote their themselves not just their listings, and their various websites their own. Ebay? Never. I feel what are they pimps, lords of the property? Plus I never know how the close of auction is going to pan out; will my messages go ignored again? a non payer? I’m blocking yet another user probably 40% of my sales there on ebayland. At least with BIN boom, I have a payment receipt. How easy! Ebay charges…whatever they do for Stores but storenvy.com and the others I relayed do NOT and they have great layouts for your products.


Nikhil Chandak

yeah ,
I saw many things were cheaper on these websites than on Ebay !!
I wanted to sell & buy things on websites which i got from u ..

Joel Lee

You’re welcome!


scott boyer

I had some problems with Ebay thanks



I have used Craigslist, and was able to get buyers.


Agree, but so local. No long reach to massive groups of customers. dang.


Paul Hays

eBay has gotten progressively worse over the years I’ve been with them. It’s harder to make a profit any more. Thanks for a look at alternatives, many of which I now use.


Eric Thieszen

I have been burned on Craigslist several times by the people who send payment with a bad money order. Never shipped to them but still a pain.

Joel Lee

That sucks. I think you’ll encounter that anywhere, though. People can be jerks like that, especially over the Internet. :(


Valentin Tudor

I’ve had about 18-20 sales on Etsy in almost a year since I’ve opened my shop. I have also tried Bonanza, DaWanda and Payvment (Facebook store) – no sales so far. I have just recently opened an account with Storenvy – no fees whatsoever – but it’s too soon to say how good (or bad) it is.


Nancy B

Sounds like good alternatives that I have to check out.
I’ve used Freecycle but often got stuck delivering the things too.
Etsy is just for crafters, artists etc. but good place to buy for me not sell.
Craigslist hasn’t really caught on in this area, but a local online newspaper has and it’s free too.



Thanks, for the very informative article. Another Auction site that I feel really over performs is, webstore.com. I have had a good response, both buying and selling without any added buyers or sellers fees.

Joel Lee

Never heard of it but it sounds promising. Thanks for sharing.



Forgot Ubid


Philip Cohen

And, regretably, the ugly reality for consumers dealing with the eBafia/PreyPal complex …
“Shill Bidding Fraud on eBay: Case Study #5” …



I’m surprised you didn’t mention selling your stuff on Amazon. I don’t know how the fees compare, but I really like how easy it is. You just put in the UPC and list the condition of your item and how much you want for it and then wait for the sale.


Todd Troutt

I’ve tried Ebid without any success at all. Craigslist has really been great for MOST things…some things I just can’t any bites on at all except for scammers. They are annoying but so obvious.



You guys should check out Visit MarketPlaso.com! . They are new and their layout looks wayyy superior than all I’ve seen. The contents are well written and very witty. Their slogan is “Got talent? Then milk it for cash, yo!” What does that tell you? It’s all about fun! The best part is, you can buy and sell gigs from $5 to $100, which I think is so much more flexible than fiverr. Why? Because some real talents just cost more than $5. Period.It’s totally great for people who are currently out of job or finding they need to make more money to make ends meet. The website was launched just very recently. Though they are new, their website is the most promising of all. They are providing instant listing for now. So grab this chance and quickly put in as many gigs as you want before they start to moderate gigs. Check them out!



Gumtree (www.gumtree.com.au) is a great local classified marketplace…
… and free

Joel Lee

Aussie only but looks great. Thanks for the share.


Caroline West

My Pap’s asked me the other day about selling some of his stuff and all I knew of really was Ebay. And now I know of many more thanks to this article and my Dad and I can check out these alternatives especially to sell in our locality. Thank You! :-)

Joel Lee

It’s great that your dad is open to stuff like online auctions. I hope the alternatives work for you! :)

ESugarSweet Jasmine Maarschalk

Another great site you can now add to the list is Freetrademart.com. This is a site similar to freecycle.org except users do all their giveaways online! Users also have the opportunity to make money through the their referral program. It’s a great concept.

Thanks so much for sharing this article! :) I too am tired of eBay!


Shmuel Mendelsohn

Great article – I have been getting fed up with EBay!


Ebay S U C K S everything about them sucks , you order goods from China or Hong Kong and you lucky if you get anything and that’s fine by Ebay , ever tried to sell something on Ebay ?
Ever tried to call and speak to a rep ?
Any alternative to Ebay is better.


Iain Wood

Guys would you mind trying out http://lynxup.com – I think it may be a better way of freecycling as it’s mobile friendly and easy to use. We just need more people using it.



I’m so glad to see alternatives to ebay. After fifteen years of buying and selling with a 100% satisfaction rating, I just closed my account and gave up. They’ve become so expensive and could care less about their sellers. I finally gave up when they sided with a buyer that was totally unreasonable. They never listened to my side of the story and refunded her the total amount and never asked her to return the item. I repeatedly offered her a refund if she returned the item which she refused to do! I lost out big time and this happened more than once where ebay just stole money from my account for refunds when the buyer was in the wrong. Ebay sucks. I’m going elsewhere.


You’re not alone. I’ve used eBay since it opened its doors but recently they have aided customers in stealing and stolen themselves. To the point that I closed up shop on their service and will never return. I sell high end items and after the second time they assisted an unscrupulous buyer in obtaining a FREE laptop from me (over 1k value on both transactions) it was too much. I am not Best Buy, HH Gregg etc and I cannot afford to just give away 1k dollars at a time.

eBay is totally unreasonable if you are the selling party and like many have already mentioned they will side with the buyer in nearly every case. The good news is with their current practices they wont stay on top of the auction world for much longer. When you run off sellers such as myself that are doing 15,00 plus in transactions per month you will eventually erode your customer base beyond repair.

I long for the day we hear eBay is closing its doors. What started out as a good service jumped the shark and became too big for their britches a long time ago. We all watched their rise, the only thing left is the fall….and its coming.


Hi Scott,

I’ve just registered on this site just to say I totally agree with you. I have been a private seller & buyer on ebay since it’s inception and also a business seller from time to time. The fees are crippling on the verge of robbery and I’ve also been completely ripped off as a seller a) where the buyer damaged the item (by installing item incorrectly) and then claimed for a refund – result, ebay refunded them in full without listening to my side of the story and b) where the buyer has changed their mind after purchase/receiving goods and then got a full refund with me stuck with courier fees/admin. At all times I’ve felt like a victim and UK laws do not protect me from this kind of fraud, as that basically is what it is. I’m now leaving eBay for good and will instead use other sites, including Gumtree, Preloved and also don’t forget there are a lot of forums out there with ‘Classified’ sections, where you can better target what you’re buying/selling (and all/most are free).


Yes agree totally with your comments . Similar thing happened to me after 11 years of using Ebay and gathered 1140 positive feedback they took the side of a most unreasonable customer and suspended me . As usual the seller on Ebay has no rights at all , and are subject to all the buyer scams with recourse.


ThredUP Super Suppliers

If you’re looking to sell kids, juniors or women’s clothing, I suggest selling (with zero fees) to ThredUP – http://supplier.thredup.com/shipments/info.


Brian Price

Thanks for the list of alternative ebay sites. They all look pretty good. Another site i came across though was Selldex. I also looks really good, the design is great at and it seems alot more social and welcoming.


Jessica Sanders

there is another site I found on google http://www.fileply.com its a great marketplace and I love their user interface !!



Ebay like uBid4it.ca have been around for some time. uBid4it Canada has a different format than ebay and different than the penny auctions. The format works in the same fashion as all auction sites only looks different. And here is another difference if you don’t want to auction then you can click on Uswapit.ca and join the local community in a vibrant swap meet. Now that alone is worth a look to join. That is just a few reasons to join us at uBid4it.ca



Joel – Thank you for taking the time to provide useful information to others. I am not computer savvy and have been trying to find a Company that will pick up items and sell them for a percentage of the net sale price. I read an article in Huffington In January that e-bay had such a service and contacted them, but found out that it was a pilot program in CA. As I understood the pilot, they picked up all types of items and sold them for the seller for a commission of 25% of the sale price. I tried following up with e-bay for something similar in NY, but have had no response (in 3 months). I understand there is some sort of assistant program, but there fees seem high and they are specialty specific. I would like one transaction with one Company. Any suggestions?

Joel Lee

Hey Bonnie. I’ve never heard of a service like that. It sounds pretty interesting actually but I wouldn’t know the first thing about pointing you in the right direction. You might try your luck by asking over at MUO Answers though!



New one.. Looks cool, http://www.tagntrade.com.au So unique, they let you take a photo and then you tag the items in the photo you want to sell, That would be perfect for retail thinking about it. photo a shelve and tag the items. It’s free to list, great idear.



Ive been a seller on ebay for years, i have bought and sold hundreds of items with no complaints, a 100% rating. Someone boght a knife from me and said the sheath wasnt tight enough. I said sure if you dont like it return it I will refund. I always gave the buyer whatever they wanted. Ebay takes 100s out of my account every month for fees. Then ebay gave me a below standard rating because i accepted a return for defective item. The buyer was happy, it really wasnt a defect just on opion that sheath wasnt tight enough. I didnt design the thing, i returned the money. But ebay doesnt allow me to even explain why should i be a below rated seller based on someones opinion about an item and i have no recourse? I understand the buyer has to be protected but the buyer wasnt complaining he wasnt unhappy i happily returned his money. Im done with ebay



I have sold on ebay for years have over 2000 items listed i am at 100% feedback have feedback from almost 3600 items but still i am not top rated, even send a nice gift with each item that i pay for.there are people on ebay that are rated at 98 % and are top rated,ebay will not give me a answer why, can never reach them and if you do no one can give you a answer or even care to. My sales since i got on ebay is over 2 hundred thousand.But ebay treats you like dirt. They will do everything for the buyer but not the seller. Now ebay has alot of big box companies selling and even puts their sales on my site that i pay for, not fair.



Ebay definately has the monopoly, but I have just started Auctionwin.co.uk
but i am struggling for members, I may have to buy members,,, i am just fed up.. Stay lucky



i am selling on 2vulu.com its free to sell and no final value fee to pay and trade is starting to pick up i sold on ebay for years but apparently small sellers are not wanted anymore good luck all .



Um…..Etsy is not an Ebay, it is for artisans and craftmakers—-please do not promote the pollution of this community, there are enough frauds and other things that do not meet the niche here, last thing we need are Ebay shops setting up here thinking it is a place to just sell random things they had no part in creating—no, that is NOT what Etsy was made for…..thank you. Please ensure you are taking respect to notice the purpose behind a site besides simply making bucks, do not invade spaces for quick money.
-An artist fighting the junk




When I first opened a seller’s account with eBay, my listing fees were free for Auction listings. Now it doesn’t even matter whether I list my items online under a fixed or auction price. Every listing now cost $0.30 per items plus $0.30 for each item relisted on the market. That’s like taking away what they’ve already given you in profits. On top of that, you still lose a percentage of your profits from Final Value fees plus S&H fees, even if you don’t use their S&H services. What the hell is that?!

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