Feature-Rich Photo Sharing App PicsArt Now Available For iPhone [Updates]

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The popular Android photo app, PicsArt, which has reached 35 million downloads on Google Play, is now available for free in the iTunes App Store. PicsArt is similar to the leading photo sharing app, Instagram, but with lots more features, including photo filters and effects, a drawing tool, a picture editor for photo corrections and enhancements, and several photo manipulations, frames, borders and stickers.

PicsArt is also of course a photo sharing app, which allows you to upload new photos and existing images from your photo library, to Facebook and Twitter, your own PicsArt account, as well as your iPhone Gallery.

You can also download a large assortment of free and paid clipart to add, resize, and place anywhere on an image. The ad-supported app is fairly easy to use with all of the tools and features found in the menubar. Most of the photo enhancements can be done with a single tap of one or more photo filters, in which there are several dozen more than exist in the Instagram app.

Additional tools include assorted brushes, several dozen fonts and sizes, and various shapes for masking images. You can also create collages with one of a dozen templates.

PicsArt applies the photo effects to a copy of your original photo and also includes a handy undo button. PicsArt saves your images to the app so you can go back and edit and share them at anytime. And like Instagram, PicsArt includes its own stream of photos posted by other users.

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Source: TechCrunch

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Tony Karakashian

Love PicsArt! I totally don’t understand the whole Instagram thing. Why would I want to be able to only take a picture and then be forced to “art” it up then and there. I’d rather snap as many pics as I want, fiddle with them at my leisure and THEN post them. This app gives so much more flexibility, too. The filters are great and it’s so easy to get through them all quickly to decide which looks best.

Bakari Chavanu

Tony, you make some very good points. And this app definitely provides more features and options than simply adding filters to images.

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