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The latest update unveiled by Facebook allows Facebook Group members to see who has visited the Group page and seen the latest post or status update. Each member can now see the name and exact time that a post has been viewed by another member.

Facebook kept the update rather low key as its blog post was very concise and to the point, stating “Starting today when you visit a group, you can view who’s seen each post. This way you can stay updated on the group’s activity”.

From the screenshot below we can make out that the number of people is mentioned alongside the post, and clicking it reveals the name and time they saw the message.

Facebook Groups are the ‘exclusive clubs’ members create – it can be based on shared interests, about family members bonding together, or even a business group. Sometimes they are the centers of hectic social chatter and when nurtured, can be a great place to share information with a small network of people. The new feature is a feedback mechanism noting that the important message has reached the eyes of the intended recipients (and who have missed out). It follows in the wake of another tiny change you might have seen on Facebook Chat – a notification that says ‘Seen’ when you send a chat message and it is read by the person at the other end.

The feature was rolled out last Wednesday, and it may be sometime before it comes to your Group account. Do you think this makes managing Facebook Groups a bit easier? Do you think it’s an invasion of your privacy?


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