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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is teaming up with the hit television show White Collar to try to solve real-world crimes. The TV show sees reformed white collar criminal Neil Caffrey team with FBI agent Peter Burke to solve various crimes. The FBI 5 smoking-hot US Government Websites Worth Looking At 5 smoking-hot US Government Websites Worth Looking At Read More and USA Network (the channel on which White Collar airs) created the aptly named “Real Life White Collar Crimes” to let viewers of the show contribute to solving crimes and recovering missing items.

The program will live online where you users will have access to photos and pieces of information about missing items, with one stolen item will showcased per week. Users can submit tips to the FBI if they happen to know something about the case in question, and for their efforts, they will earn stickers in the popular social sharing application Get Glue GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] Have you ever wondered which social network is the easiest way to chat to friends and strangers about the entertainment you love? I'd be willing to say it's GetGlue. That's because GetGlue know how to... Read More .

One example of a case featured in the program is the 286-year-old Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius violin. This particular musical instrument is valued at more than $3 million, and was stolen from the owner’s deathbed back in 1995. The thief and the violin still remain at large. USA Network says other items will include “various artifacts, antiques, artwork and other valuables from around the world.”

White Collar is currently in its fourth season. New episodes air on Tuesdays at 10PM eastern time on USA Network. Previous seasons of the show are available on Netflix Netflix For iPhone: One Of The Best Apps For Movies & Shows On The Go [iPhone] Netflix For iPhone: One Of The Best Apps For Movies & Shows On The Go [iPhone] Having movies and television shows on your iPhone isn't anything new, but with Netflix, it's a whole lot easier. Whether you're with friends, on the road, or having to wait somewhere, the app is perfect... Read More , so if you want to catch up, that’s an option. However, if you want to see the featured stolen item, you will, of course, need to watch the live airing of the new episodes.

Source: USA Network via Mashable


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