FaxZero: Send Free Faxes Anywhere In The US Or Canada

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While emailing remains the quickest means of sending digital documents, some businesses still have only fax machines. But thanks to a service called “faxZero” you can fax them digital documents directly through your computer.

faxzero   FaxZero: Send Free Faxes Anywhere In The US Or Canada

faxZero is a wonderful web service that lets you fax digital documents to anywhere in the US or Canada. You can type in the fax text or select up to 3 digital documents to be faxed. Supported file formats for these digital documents include DOC, DOCX, and PDF. After the fax information has been submitted, you are sent an email that includes a confirmation that needs to be clicked before the processing of the fax is completed. The faxes you send through the service carry ads with them. You can send ad-free faxes through faxZero starting from $1.99; for a fee, you can also send faxes to international numbers.


Check out faxZero @ www.faxzero.com

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