What Is Your Favorite Online Music Streaming Service? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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polls   What Is Your Favorite Online Music Streaming Service? [MakeUseOf Poll]Last week we asked you what you think of Windows 8’s Metro UI. What we found is that Microsoft should watch out – the majority of the voters don’t think this UI is suitable for an entire operating system, and think Microsoft should stick with phones, at least where Metro UI is concerned.

Out of 368 voters, 42% think the UI is good for a phone, but not for an entire operating system, 18% like the way it looks but are not sure how usable it really is, 17% simply don’t like it, 14% love it and think it looks great and 9% like it fine, but think it still requires some work.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

All in all, over 85% of the readers who voted don’t think Windows 8’s Metro UI is good enough. It may still improve over what we’ve seen, but it sure seems like Microsoft have got their work cut out for them on this one!

poll results   What Is Your Favorite Online Music Streaming Service? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: What Is Your Favorite Online Music Streaming Service?

Online music streaming services have been picking up during the past few years, and today there’s quite an abundance of them to choose from. If you live in the right country, that is. Many of these services are only available in certain countries, each has its different music-discovery style, its price tag, and its unique interface. What this comes down to is that almost anyone who uses online music streaming has a favorite go-to service. Most people don’t regularly use several. So which is yours?

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What makes your music service the best? Is it its availability in your country? The price? The interface? If you voted for “Other”, don’t forget to mention which one it is!

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Raphael M

Best one is Grooveshark although I can’t test Pandora since it doesn’t work in my country. 

Erik Levine

8tracks is a good one, “handcrafted internet radio”. Made by the people, for the people.


8tracks is awesome, I love it! I didn’t include it because you can’t really stream any music you want, but it’s a great source of music for sure.

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No MOG ?


I actually never heard of that one! Most of these services don’t work here, including MOG, so I guess I managed to miss it. Looks cool!


MOG is pretty cool, considered the best by many including myself ) Though it’s not available worldwide but only in selected places.


Susendeep Dutta

Bandcamp and Noisetrade as they allow me to stream as well as easily download them.I also get suggestions in MUO’s Sound of Sunday section.


Great choices, thanks!




8tracks is one I have been using last weeks and think that it is really best streaming service.
Additionally using grooveshark, which is nice too.

James LaBarre

I like ripping my extensive collection of vinyl to .flac and .ogg files and listening to them.

Sigitas Mockus


Dave Parrack

I love Spotify. I think it’s the company out of all of the above that’s in the best position to take us into the future. Where the idea of owning digital music has died.