What’s Your Favorite Font For Standard Web Text? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Last week we asked you all to tell us how much hard drive space you have. While a few people shocked us with figures of around 40 TB for their household, most people seem to have less than 1 TB.

We collected 761 votes split up as follows: 30% voters have between 1-3 TB hard drive space in their house; 16% have 3-5 TB; 15% have between 500 GB and 1 TB; 15% have more than 5 TB; 14% have 250-500 GB; 6% have 100-250 GB; and 5% have less than 100 GB.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

If you consider all the voters with less than 1 TB storage it comes to around 40% of people.

This week’s poll question is: What’s Your Favourite Font For Standard Web Text?

This is mainly for the web designers out there, because we know you’ll have a favourite font up your sleeve. But I’m sure there are other designers and aficionados of good fonts who have clear preferences as to what they like to see on websites. So, what are they?

The poll has been made so that you can list any and all fonts you love. This means you can also give your preference for Serif versus Sans Serif while you tell us your favourite fonts.

If you are a web designer, feel free to let us know in the comments what your ideal standard font designation is. What’s first on the list? And then what?

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Michael Vario

Droid Sans
Droid family comes with Xubuntu 11.04 and I quite like it.



Segoe UI FTW!


Lucy Georges

You seem to have forgotten the ‘anything but Comic Sans MS’ option…



Ubuntu font FTW!!!


Charles Appiah Jr.

Ubuntu font. <3

Check out the blog that I and my classmates created about HTML5!
Thank you!


Cell Travis

Tahoma, Verdana or the standard Arial Family of fonts. These are the best for readability on the web.



Verdana is very clear to read 


Perez Studios

I am a fan of Century Gothic.  



I’m pleased to see that two respondents have expressed an opinion based of ‘readability’.

There should be no ‘favorite’ font, but which is the best font for the web page purpose. Extended text requires a difference approach to a data table, etc.

I prefer to distinguish between legibility and readability.

that combination of type and display that best aids the ease and speed with which the reader can recognise the structure and content of the text;


the choice and order of words and typographic cues that best allows the reader to comprehend the text.


Creative Labor

Verdana or the Arial family fonts are usualy the best choices. Depending on the purpose, one must beware of readability and… compatibility.



I question whether sans fonts are the best choices.

I’ve tested several fonts for contrast on the screen by using a four line sample text, changing the font for both sans and serif fonts, counting the number of black pixels for each sample.

Georgia has more pixels than Arial. Charis SIL, an open source serif font, has distinctly more that Georgia.

I used Charis for a projected PDF multipage presentation and it worked well.

One should always be suspicious of default setting: more often than not an easy or a convenient choice for programmers rather than necessarily the best choice for the potential end use.

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