Which Is Your Favorite Desktop Twitter Client? [MakeUseOf Poll]

polls   Which Is Your Favorite Desktop Twitter Client? [MakeUseOf Poll]Following last week’s release of Office 2013, we asked you which version of Microsoft Office you’re currently using. Aside from the fact that nearly a fifth of the voters don’t even use Office, it seems that our readers are fairly up-to-date on their Office versions, although not many have tried the new one.

Our of 878 votes in total, here is the breakdown: The most popular version of office is 2012, with 44% of the votes, followed by Office 2007 with 22% of the votes. Office 2003 got 11%, 2% use Office XP, and a further 2% use an even older version. 5% said they already use Office 2013, and 15% don’t use Microsoft Office at all.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

poll results july 28   Which Is Your Favorite Desktop Twitter Client? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: Which Is Your Favorite Desktop Twitter Client?

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There are many ways to handle Twitter, one of which is through a desktop client. There’s a wide choice of clients out there, and more keep popping up the more popular Twitter gets. There are pros and cons to managing Twitter through a desktop app, and the available apps differ significantly from one another. So join us in the quest to find the current favorite among the sea of possibilities. Which is your favorite Twitter desktop app these days?

To keep the list from being too long, only the most popular apps were included, so make sure to tell us which app you use if it’s none of the above. And of course, tell us what you like about your chosen app!

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Yash Desai

i really dislike twitter, i dont know what the big hoopla is about


I use it MultiMi. It’s the # 1 download on Cnet in this category. I’m surprised it’s not on the list (and it’s free). http://download.cnet.com/MultiMi/3000-12941_4-75454204.html


I use DestroyTwitter right now, but I’m downloading Janetter right now (first I’ve heard of it but the screenshots look nice).
I really want one where I can just start off reading from where I left off, ideally one that syncs with an iPhone app.


I use the Adobe AIR version of TweetDeck.

Va Du

I use TweetDeck. I find it more customizable and responsive than the others I have tried.


i’m using trilian messenger..it’s very cool. we can handle a lot of social network account into one programs

Yaara Lancet

You use Trillian for Twitter? I didn’t even know you could do that. :)

Andrei Anikin

I don’t use twitter, it’s not healthy :-)

Alan Wade

I tried Twitter many moons ago when it was fairly new and didnt quite get the hang of it and what I was supposed to be doing. Havnt used it since and dont see any change in that.
Correct me if I am wrong but my very limited knowledge of it is that it is a slimmed down version of Facebook except you cannot write so many words, is this about right?

Yaara Lancet

I had the same problem wrapping my head around Twitter, but once I dived in and created an account, things sort of fell into place.

Ian Birkin



Same here.


I’ve never use a desktop client. In fact, I even did’n know there is such a program :)

Vampie C.

I’m not really using a desktop client.

I try to have web based clients for the most used services, So I have the same experience everywhere.

Maybe next poll: best web-based twitter cleint. ;-)

Yaara Lancet

I actually meant to just do a poll about clients, but since there are so many options, I decided to narrow it down and do just desktop clients. Which web client do you use?

Vampie C.

Sorry for the late reply.

I use twimbow atm.
I’ve used TDash before (also nice)

Yaara Lancet

That’s the first I’ve heard of Twimbow, looks interesting. Thanks!


Don’t use a dektop client, would probably ruin my productivity



Tuesday Peacock

I’m not used to use e Desktop Twitter Client.If I’ll use,Perhaps I’ll choice TweetDeck.

Tibor Szentmarjay

Sometimes twitter.com, some time official Twitter client on Andoid.

Sam E.

HootSuite — and I’m not sure why you didn’t include it in your list.

Yaara Lancet

Since it’s not a desktop client. :)


HootSuite beats them all!

Jane Wayland

Seriously? Echofon, Tweetings and Janetter make the list, but not HootSuite?!?

Yaara Lancet

Hootsuite is a web client, not a desktop client. I included it at first and then thought everyone would get mad because it’s not desktop, so I dropped it. :)


This is one of the few shortcomings of Linux. We don’t want for Twitter clients in general, but the offerings all fall short. Hotot is my app of choice, but I would prefer better Ubuntu integration. Polly is decent, but not very well-designed, and relies almost entirely on the mouse.

Ronn Jordan

I don’t use a desktop client and was hoping you could explain the need for one. Thanks!!!

Yaara Lancet

It makes it easier to follow everything without launching your browser. Many of them also allow for scheduling tweets, and you can easily follow different streams on the same screen.

Joel Lee

Sad to see my article wasn’t linked. Just kidding! :) I’ve been using Janetter for a while if only because it’s so light-weight. Thinking of changing it up soon, though. Guess I’ll wait and see what people like in this poll.

Yaara Lancet

Sorry Joel! I actually used it as reference for the options. :)

Victor Ong

Unless someone can tell me what’s so good about twitter, then I don’t see the sense in using it.

Vampie C.

I mostly use twitter to follow company’s whose appsI use.
So I know what goes around there.

OR I use it to follow my favorite artists. :-)

I don’t really use it a lot to tweet myself.


Hootsuite is the best!


I use tweet deck!

Mike Vaz

For personal use, there’s no need for a client in my opinion. Applications such as TweetDeck and Seesmic are great if you’re a marketer or anyone who needs to pay attention to multiple accounts simultaneously.

Garey Boone

I’ve tried them all but am currently using yoono desktop client very similar to multimi but more compact in size. If there was a Flipboard desktop client it would rule them all.

Suzi Love

I use Tweetdeck because I also manage a not-for-profit group.

With Tweetdeck, I can have separate columns for Facebook and Twitter accounts, and can Like, Comment, or Retweet from each different account.
Suzi Love

Yang Yang Li

I used to use Tweet Adder before I stopped using Twitter. Tweet Adder is a Twitter marketing software designed to increase the number of your followers and “automate” your Twitter presence.
Avaliable for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Tweet Adder is extremely powerful. It allows you to easily manage your Twitter list by following and unfollowing. Target potential followers based on keyword, hashtags, and people they follow. Send a personalized message automatically to increase their chances of following you. Unfollow people you have followed after a specific number of days if they do not follow you back. Those are just a few of the most useful features of Twee Adder.

This software also includes a comprehensive Tweeting suite. Schedule when your tweets are to be released. Generate tweets so your followers always have something to read. Stay up to date on the most popular hashtags and tweets.

Tweet Adder is an extremely powerful desktop client for Twitter. Alas, it costs $55 for the lowest tiered license.


I mostly use “YoruFukurou” , its free and highly customizable and sometimes Soicha Air (also free from what I recall). Soicha Air is on the style of Tweetdeck” (with columns etc).
I also like very very much the trial app of “Tweetbot for Mac” which is free till the official release on apple store.

Twitterrific, Tweetings and Janetter are also good, but on average, the ones I find more useful are “YoruFukurou” and “Tweetbot for Mac”.


Google Reader

Andi Meyer

Hootsuit – I use Hootsuit for Twitter and Facebook to schedule tweets and posts.


I don’t understand why I would need a desktop client for twitter.The result is the same,I’ll only put more apps on my computer and use more resources.Not to mention how it will affect my productivity.
I think a web browser will be enough for me if I’ll need to tweet

Sushil Kathpalia

Actually i use android phone and it sufficient for me.It gave one benefit is that i check twitter whenever i want and no tension of notebook etc..

Richard Borkovec

My “desktop client” is my browser, haha. I really don’t see the use of DCs for stuff like Twitter and Facebook. You’re going to have a browser open, why not just have App Tabs for them instead of a DC?


Saezuri playwell.co.jp/saezuri probably the most stylish Twitter desktop client I’ve used & makes Janetter look very ugly.

Yaara Lancet

That’s complete new to me! Thanks. :)

Hoku Sarroca

Twittter scares me! LOL I have one but omg it is just too confusing to try keep up… thank goodness I don’t use it often