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Organizing bookmarks is big business. There are literally hundreds of services out there that want to help you keep your bookmarks neat and tidy. The problem is, most of these are installed to your browser, and therefore, only work on that specific browser. Fav-Links is different, because it works with a web app and a Windows-based app, so it works regardless of what browser you are using.

organize your bookmarks

Fav-Links offers a very elegant bookmark solution that is easy to use. Once you install the program, a small icon will appear on your screen. You simply click and drag the URL you want to add to the icon and it will add it to your bookmarks. You can add a custom screenshot to the bookmark, so it looks exactly as you want. Once you have something in your bookmarks, they make it easy to find them with their handy category view. If you want to see all your sports websites, for example, they make it easy.


In addition to the category view, they also have a search function that allows you to quickly find exactly what you need. As of this writing, the web app is not available. Don’t worry though, the Windows app is very small, so it won’t take up a lot of memory on your computer. To access your bookmarks, you simple press Q+A on your keyboard.



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